Ultimate List of the Best Handgun For Home Defense

A home is your ultimate destination that provides peace and happiness with your loved family members. After cruel labor at the end of the day, you can think about the best handgun for home defense. One thing is that, knocks you critically, where to leave your handgun and of what condition it should be. Your kids or other toddlers are tilting around you to catch and to be lapped at you.

You can assume this time is not good for you to leave your service gun anywhere, as it is unsafe without a safe. But the moment that, you usually enjoy with your mini family members, you can get it more enjoyable keeping your gun or the most powerful pistol in a place is safe for you and your parties after a return from work. The suggestion for that gun safe for home defense is as below-

Best Handgun For Home Defense Comparison

 1. Best Small RevolverRuger Sp101

Behind the popularity of a defensive issue is not so easy. But the Ruger SP101 has that as it comes as the best handgun for home defense. With some full specifications, generally required for home defense, are with Ruger’s SP101.

The smaller and beautifully handy revolvers, powerful and can deal with .357 magnum cartridges a demand-plus advantage to defense a home easy.

The handle grip, a stunning technology featuring a cushioned grip without having an extension of extra metal at the back of the strap that provides comfort for shooter against any offensive attack as a whole.

The cylinder, with 3-dimensional risks—front, back and the bottom is tamed into the pivotal frame by the triple locking systems that remain cylinder secured. Hence, no fear of free handing use.

The construction of the revolver, an ideal defense for home is made of pure stainless steel and has no deadened side plates as a weak point of the material. Comparing to others that are persistent in the market, Ruger SP101 is grabbing most of the area of home defense security items.

Highlighted Feature

The most highlighted feature of the home defense is it is rugged and durable gripping. It has been engineered such a way that makes no slip for holding a long time of wait. In addition, the trigger is not easy for a toddler to pull it down on his strength beyond its least strength is required to make a shot.

The modest design handgun’s barrel length is 3.0625” and capacity 5-round is quite blissful for shorter length when just used at home as an emergency of being safe. .357 Magnums of the cartridge is designed to have a fast run of trigger pull off.

The 1.69 lbs fixed magazine and front sight with a plain muzzle is not a torment for the users at home. So, this is an obvious commitment of Ruger for a comfortable and cost effective home defense for steady use.

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2. Best Concealed Carry Revolvers – Taurus 513

Perhaps, you will not be concerned after having TAURUS-513 Ranging Judge’s 6-round capacity revolver. Ranging Judge is a confident cozy piece that ensures the full security from any robbery or burglary at your loneliness.

.454 Magnums cartridge trends to slip out so faster than you expected without lingering after a command performed on pulling the trigger at peril. It’s by birth, one of the best gun safe for home defense.


The 6-round cylinder amounts your shot counts to a standard so that you can repel half a dozen enmity-attacks at a time. The outing speed of cartridge through 6’’ barrel is in a speed of millisecond that is unexpected to you before an image for this kind of handgun in mind. The full safety in your fist.

Stainless steel body on which the other operating mechanisms sit perfectly for handling easiness. The soft back strap feels better on holding the rugged grip even in the hot summer day of sweating. The stock material is rubber that fine incorporation with handle grip while the magazine is fixed.

A well-round trigger guard against an unintentional touch to shot that may cause an accident without any notice beforehand. The safety measure is taken by the manufacturers is really praiseworthy. Because a protector can never be a predator by chance. This is in one word a great protect for home defense you can trust.

13.6” length and 4.55 lbs weighted safeguard have front sight fixed for an accurate shot without missing your targets. Being it fixed means; the hassle of resetting thing is avoided in an emergency when you will have no time to think about otherwise. Because a delay of a second may bring danger that cost your life or your family including your dearest ones.

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3. Best Shotgun for Home Defense – Smith & Wesson Governor

Smith & Wesson Governor Revolver, a tone of the best shotgun for home defense. The versatility is a turning point. The revolver is unexpectedly light-weighted with a feel for users at home as wearing a ring in the finger.

The handy security guard is designed with 6-round speedy responsive cylinder answers to the trigger as quick as pulling it off for a shot in need. The orbiting easiness of the cylinder is so nice and greasy when it moves on a turn of trigger for fire.


Tritium front sight is standing on the fore barrel to look like a Statue of liberty. The ever stronger front sight keeps your target point stable against a misaim. So, this helps you well to a successful shot from your home defense device you own.

The grip is one more important feature that’s a role to perfection a shot. Standing still, you target thing, and at this moment if it gets a slip from your hand, just a consequence you have to suffer is uncountable. But the good news that S&W Governor not to invite you without the feature you like most. It’s popular for its loving features, especially for the United States. And you are here to share the experience of S&W Governor.

The trigger is very controlled with a standard pressure that the minors are not able to pull it back with a view to making a shot playfully. The trigger guard is also made of stainless steel and good support for a trigger from touching inadvertently.

The cushioned back strap is not so hard when you hold the grip as preparation for use it. The soft yet sturdy strap is extra strength for the S&W Governor revolver. However, it ensures optimum security for the lives at home you live with.

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4. Best Home Defense Shotgun – Smith & Wesson 629 6 inch

The demand of your home defense shotgun can be met with the approaching of Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum revolver. The large frame piece has already acquired a vast area of home defense service worldwide.

Handy, light-weighted and shooting comfort keep it away from other competitors. The revolver enthusiasts are bent over the gun due to having the perfect operating mechanism.


A 0.44 magnum well-designed cartridge offered different types of barrel lengths. The advantage is much more enjoyable for the users when they are able to adjust with the several barrel lengths. The 6-round capacity of the handgun is more appealing that is able to provide the best handgun for home defense.

For longer life of firearm for home, the defense is very stronger due to having stainless steel used as its master construction. The trigger, trigger guard, magazine, slide, and everything set on construction well because of a hard marital. And this is the only reason, the gun does not shake when a shot is made.

The stock material is the polymer, hard but soft and is a great grip for holding it tightly before an attempt to fire. Back strap is removable and rugged that fixes the first tight as well.

All the features it includes are perfect for self-defense at home. The compact design of the gun is so handy and any time you can conceal it in a little place of cloth during a walk outside.

At last, if you want to have little but effective in work, especially for defense from a short length of distance, S&W .44 magnum can be your right choice. Because it is designed for defense in mind when you are thinking about only at home use. And the mechanisms used are only for handling easiness.

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5. Best Home Defense – Glock-19

If you want to be safe from any unwanted danger at home and in a car, you will have tactically use the gun for better defense.

Glock-19 is the best Glock for home defense that brings full satisfaction in mind. The security is remained in handling the Glock piece at risk.

Tritium front sight for a sure target to your enemy. The establishment of the front side is such way completed, where you have no chance to miss-target.


The high tech material for the sight is fixed, and no re-adjustment is required every after a target against a shot. At night, on a sudden call for defense, yourself may require handling your shotgun. And the all-set prepared shot piece is ready without a missing to save you from any danger.

Glock model-19, 4” barrel, 3-15 round magazine, 1.9lbs, and 9mm pistol is a stunning piece of the market with all the mechanisms operational. The barrel length is quite happily adjustable with size and weight and is the right fit in your hands even handy for good use. 3-15 round capacity ensures the topmost security against a long hour defensive issue.

Back strap customizable technology for a better grip according to the users’ hand size. The holding grip, a rugged surface that mostly ensures a tight catch when to making some frequent shots one after one.

The frame surface is designed scientifically in several heat-tests. In addition, the dual recoil spring incorporates substantially providing the better life of the system.

Overall, the featuring shotgun, for home defense or car defense, is designed for a quick pick and play at the peril as it has taken all the life security of you. No doubt, the Glock is a leading home defense shotgun and has the worldwide popularity for its utmost service to the relevant sides.

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6. Best Home security – Mossberg.410

Different people in different choices look for suitable things as their avid interest in using on their own. According to the sequence of freedom of choice, here it comes about to defend someone at home or in the car or all the time.

At home, in sleeping or just before a step to your gateway to enter the home, a meeting a danger is not impossible something in the events of our daily life.

So, people like at least a defense against any attack indoor or outdoor. Hence, .410 home defense shotgun for sale by the many manufacturers as a defensive weapon in and out.


The smallest caliber and handy yet sturdy shotgun are available in the market. By making technology, its 0.41-inch bore diameter comes in sight as .410 shotguns for home defense. In the United States, .410 shotguns are hugely used for skeet shooting, it takes the younger shooters as trainees related to using guns in several sectors before finally employed. .410 is actually a basic level shotgun that introduces a newbie to the gun world. .410 shotguns have recoil and the typical formation it emulates with break-action, double barrel, and over-under.

The most important feature of .410 is that each pull of the trigger, it fires multiple pellets downrange. And the shooter is in a happy mood, has the potentiality to hit the target multiple times in a single aim at a time.

The Pump-action .410 shotguns are most popular among the new users because these are handy and light in weight. So, at the first time, for home defense use .410 bore rifle should be your best match after all.

Mossberg is a leading and popular manufacturer for .410 bore machine for home security. it’s easy to take from pillow side at night for a hastily move to a sudden defense. Because the shotgun is designed for home defense preparation in mind.

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7. Shotlock AR Classic Solo-Vault

The alert for security is being increased due to meet frequent unwanted incidents around including the United States. Your home, an ultimate living place may come in the attack at any time without any notice served beforehand.

In addition, your valuables and lives at home are definitely at risk. This is the only reason, to get a shotgun as a little support, at last for the last fight against attacks. And, shotLock’s bet for best home defense shotgun for sale.

ShotLock’s new PPS-M2 includes features and in one word, has everything you need to protect your home and yourself at the peril at the moment.

The compact and light-weighted slim profile is so popular that the almost all the time it gets it stock empty due to having a huge sale all around the year.

ShotLock shotgun offers you for the model of some hot features for home defense security. The magazine releasing is a feeling that no time and labor come to the system. A soft touch on put-button releases the magazine for a load. So, in a hurry, no pressure is created to make it operational for loading the magazine of Walther PPS-M2.


Smooth trigger, a feeling in using the piece of the shotgun. Just after an unlock your gun, not a heavy pressure to buy for your trigger. It’s so smooth that you will not understand the outing a shot from your gun. The shot clock signature, not as simple as you think. It’s ergonomic with all features engaged functionally.

The rugged and soft handle grip has a feel of holding the gun comfortably before preparing for a shot your target. All the best, For home defense, Walther’s features are only to work for that particular purposes you wish to have this type of piece to defend you.

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8. M&P SHIELD FDE – Smith & Wesson

The security you need at home or any other places you move for. M&P 9 Shield is great for you when it offers a tight security measure from its all-functional features.

The stainless steel is the first material that is used for the shotgun. Hard and glittering high tech and heat tested steel for a durable life of the gun. It’s a kind shotgun for personal and home protection.

Compact size and light in weight. The benefit is that, when to use, you will feel better if you are to wait for long holding the gun for a particular type of aims. The handy size is also carrying easy.


You can carry it in a clip-hold-pocket wherever you are—traveling, hunting, walking or any options fit the model of S&W. in an acrobatic style, it gives you fast moving opportunity so that your defensive attack is not failed.

Two magazines that especially benefit you with the long service in loading and unloading the magazines. Because these are being double life instead. 18-degree grip angle has a fascinating shot when your aim comes into a stable target that you can expect only from holding the grip of the gun easily.

Because of a perfect grip handle, your shot is also perfect. The semi-textured grip provides a cotton-soft feel as you long to hold the grip for hours.

To get weakened your counterparts, the frequent shots, no doubt, according to the situation, are a must. But M&P Shield is not tired to make it one after one. Striker-fired for every consistent pulling the trigger every time. Not a single pulling goes in failed of the gun.

This is a high security for you. 7+1 round capacity, barrel length is 3.1” and the cartridge is 9mm Luger US made shotgun is extremely powerful with existence features it gets during manufacturing by S&W on a popular market demand for it. So, get it fixed for you all the time.

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9. Smith & Wesson – M&P Shield 45 Review

45-auto caliber best shotgun for personal protection is made by Smith & Wesson of US. A thumb safety full stainless steel shotgun is your defense that you depend on it.

On the uncertainty, your expectation looks forward to seeking help for protection from danger. In this situation, the natural features of the M&P 45 Shield will be advancing to save you from peril giving you personal protection instantly.

All the time—day or night, great security is ensured by S&W’s 45 Shield. The professional type features—slim. Little in size, light-weighted and so much handy piece of this is really a tune for your life security as the best handgun for home defense.

The simple functions and reliable performance have led this gun to its apex point of popularity. So, the versatile performance is good to own.


Full is stainless steel. While the frame finish is Matte-black for a good-looking appearance. The hard construction of the material is for a long lasting even after heavy use all the time you need. .45 auto caliber and 6+1, 7+1 capacity are an example of being an advanced piece of personal protection.

Caliber and the capacity are designed such a way that it get a perfection only for home and personal security. The Front sight is standing on the lips of caliber in a purpose of accurate shooting in retaliation against any attack.

Polymer frame and textured grip are matched well. The textured grip holds your hand as it is glued on something and never coming isolated. This is why the slip rate, is very poor leaving you in the full comfort of shooting time. Gun cock is serrated that helps to pull back easy for reloading bullet. However, 20.5 oz gun is definitely an important safeguard for your lifetime.

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10. Best Shotgun for Self-defense – Rock Island Armory M200

Best shotgun for self-defense. RIA-M200, a manufacturer’s choice for self-defense. You have a long time drive in the wood and fishing.

The moment is very daring and fearful. But your worry goes down the water when you put an M200 beside you during driving.

The self-defense item is very simple and no hassle to carry with you. Just get it concealed into your backpack pocket and get it out as easily as put in. So, day or night solution of your life is here with this Rock Island.

38 special chambered, thin and useful shotguns are able to fire both in a single and double action. That really ensures topmost safety for life.

The stock is designed with a combat polymer grip and overall finishing is parkerized. The comfortable grip angle measuring a standard count that balances well the target when to aim thing. And with the help of Front sight, the target is confirmed leaving only pulling the trigger behind.

The both-grip balance and front sight are helpful to make you reach your target when a perilous situation is met on the way or at home ground.

Barrel Length

6-round capacity with the barrel length of 4’’ and the overall length of 8.75, so the great piece, no doubt about it. The magazine is removable. It’s an outstanding technology that keeps a change of magazine in mind. After a certain time of use, it is possible to be damage to the magazine. But being removable—you are getting two things at a time.

Just remove it for special security from kids and the other is a chance to get changed with a new one. However, 1.76lbs weighted self-defense is not only a gun in your safe but an all-time-guard for you and your family. No thought, get it finally.

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Firearms Safety Tips

A firearm is most important and not only a thing that everybody can handle it his or her own. For a silly mistake, that you can never imagine, may cost lives, keeping you in a situation of suffering for the lifetime.

Even in crying moments, life has not stopped its speed at all. It goes as its own all the time. After all, we should follow some cautions as safety measures that keep us safe from meeting any incident in life.

  • First thing is to see whether the firearm is loaded and if so, handle it carefully to avoid incidents or get unloaded the memos instantly.
  • Put your firearm pointed and keep it away from children. If possible keep it in a safe while you are not using it.
  • Be careful, keep your firearm unloaded when storing it in your safe.
  • This has the potential pre-planned operation by the bad people as enmity near you.
  • Store them from water or fire.
  • It is safe to teach children about using the gun and the principles of firearms rules. As a result, the interest of touching the gun will vanish from their mind. Do not lend

Final Words

Very shortly but precisely, you have got all the information according to your requirements of the best handgun for home defense. The self-defense or home defense shotgun is necessary for everybody as protection for our life. However, the above discussions on the particular item are elaborate.

I hope you will be getting things here and will be keen to visit this site for more updates every day or once in a weak. Because we are committed to our valued visitors providing better service as long as you are with us. Remember, the authentic and research workout, as well as practical experiences, are shared here with you. We expect you coming and sharing your experience for more dedication in the future to all. Happy to help you inform.

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