Best Drop Leg Holster Review on the Current Market 2021

Smart looking too. But the perspective is different. For long-runner like law enforcement, military personnel or hunters see it used when their backpacks are overloaded during a stay away from available supplying they need. Drop leg holster review, at least helps them holding their guns on a leg as well.

The tactical use of this type is favorite for its carrying easiness of firearm. For range or hunting, while you can pick your gun so easily that you see a successful and proper use of your target triggering. But things must be in your consideration before buying a drop leg holster. Leather, belt-buckle, etc. are very important to have a comfortable use.

The extra pocket of a leg holster for magazines, flashlights, and more necessary accessories is the extraordinary choice for professional gunmen. Following reviews of some holsters will help you to pick the right one.

Best Drop Leg Holster Comparison

Drop Leg Holster Review

1. UTG Special Ops and Universal Leg Holster

The tactical design will hold your firearm fit. Easily picking benefits enhances the experience of using a leg holster. The adjustable holster belt and buckle coil your leg in the right fit while no chance to miss a pick and shot your target. Your adventure will come to entertainment when wearing UTG special holster. Because it fits your leg well.

Nylon construction is durable and comfortable. This feature includes a Vector strap and buckles with an easy releasing system and no time it takes when you are hurriedly on move to open it. The magazine-pouch is handy and useful for a long run of adventure.

Leg padding of the holster is a non-slip nylon mesh that catches your leg like glue. No slipping down on a run and get fixed for hours until a mission is completed.

The holster pocket is designed for medium and long-range firearms. Small pistols are also fit in it. The fitting of the pistols or guns is so nice that they remain tight in any situation of your movements. Compact and snug fit is one of the best features of UTG leg holster.

The horizontal strap ties all the necessary requirements around your leg. As a result, no shaking happens when you are to step for walking or running. The plenty of space it has for additional benefits for its users. In one word, it’s good all the way.

What we liked
  • Nylon made but expandable
  • Durable and less weighted
  • Buckles work well tying the holster around your leg
  • Huge space for additional things

What we didn't like
  • A bit larger in size for shorter figures

2. BLACKHAWK Omega Drop Leg Holster

For both right and left-handed users, this Blackhawk drops leg holster is the best option as its some useful features advance hunters and law enforcement personnel an extra long to have to carry easiness their firearms. The customizable setting provides users fitness according to their comfort. In addition, the leg strap is rubberized and elasticized for users’ comfort and stability. It fits well around the leg and makes no slip during a fast run.

For extra space, the holster’s pouch is enough to mention to store hunting accessories or additional stuff like cleaning toolkit, magazines, small knife, and a flashlight.

Color is a factor when you want to match it with your wearing out. Blackhawk it can be your super choice on the range or in the field or anywhere to go that requires your gun with a suitable holster.

The buckles are designed with three side-release for three-point breakaway-one is on top and the other two on leg straps. Loop retention, extra hook and adjustable thumb breaks are wonderful feature for Blackhawk holster.

What we liked
  • Rubberized and elasticized strap fits well
  • Adjustable setting privileges
  • Extra space for small things
  • High-quality nylon mesh made

What we didn't like
  • Setting is difficult for new users

3. Condor Tornado Drop Leg Holster

This is the best holster when you are to a hobby to attach a holster with your leg for the range of hunting purposes. Law enforcement and military people like it very for its medium and large accommodation. Condor Tornado Tactical Leg Holster is durable and reliable with civilian looking. The PVC construction ensures you to fix it in place if once set well.

Very often it is difficult to find a snug-fitting, but this one is accurate and incorporates with the belt, buckles, and your leg. Flashlight mount is an additional benefit for Condor holster.

The drop leg holster is featuring a good retention system that works nicely to secure your weapon with a Velcro strap and provides more comfort to carry a weapon.

The holster is fully adjustable and you can easily release and tight the buckle as your own. The rubber lining is good enough as it has no slipping but secured and comfortable to use. Good size holster pouch for extra magazines and a Velcro strap that no chance of falling down even on the go fast.

For better piece of this type holster that gives you amusement in using, it can be Condor Tornado Tactical Leg Holster for a long term hunting companion.

What we liked
  • Snug and well-fitting
  • Velcro strap for secured fitting
  • Extra space for flashlight and more
  • Belt, buckle works well

What we didn't like
  • Trap needs to be modified for better setting

4. VISM Magazine Holder Drop Leg Holster

Security, comfort, and stability you can get from NcStar drop leg holster. Durable PVC construction is for long-lasting and looking good. For a distance mission, you can choose it as assurance for a better experience. This featured well.

The versatile piece is accommodated to hold medium and large-sized firearms that almost every user can use it. If once you use this model of the holster, you will understand all the ways of its features that come in use for every movement you make on your expedition. It holds your leg so tightly that never it gets a slip falling down your weapons behind. Compact in size but massive in works.

Three magazine pouches that are great feelings for using your extra things, magazines, flashlight, and more. The perfect and accurate setting keeps you worry-free and gives a long run to your perspectives.

It offers for right-handed users. The adjustable belt and straps go hassle-free setting without wasting your time. This best holster fitting a waist from 30”—42” is the standard measurement. The reliable and secured thing is really a confident step to experience much more.

What we liked
  • Constructed of tough PVC material, so durable
  • Fully adjustable belt and leg strap setting easy
  • Left-sided three magazine pouches
  • The molded universal holster is standardly seized.

What we didn't like
  • Better for entry-level users

Features to Consider Before Buying a Drop Leg Holster

When it is a thing to use for a leg, hence it must be comfortable and more convenient. Mainly used for tactical use when a heavy load to take for long days out. It should be retained to hold the gun well so that you can have easy access to it. Here some features are detailed for your consideration before a buy.

Adjustment: As it is kept tied around the leg, so, definitely should be smooth and snug-fitting. The Velcro strap and strong buckle should be easily adjustable so that the firearm is fixed to the holster. If no well-fitting, the users will feel disturbed to hold it for a long time. So, a perfect adjustment is a must for a leg holster.

The comfort of a holster is surely enhanced your working performance. Belt, buckle, and strap are well designed for comfortable use. Because your leg never will come to an exhausted during a long mission to complete.

Movement: Your movement with a gun holster must be easy and comfortable. So, this is another subject to consider, when you wear a leg holster, thigh holster and etc. think, everything will be easy or not during your quick-moving from one place to another. It’s important to think about it. For, this, check the strap quality, belt, and buckles. Because these features are main to have an ideal leg holster.


A good difference between your hands and legs when it comes to carrying a standardly sized firearm. With a heavy backpack and more things to carry, a Drop leg holster review performs an extra duty to help you’re carrying your gun inside. So, this is important to think a holster always should be light-weighted and constructed with good and durable materials. Belt, buckle, and straps are some significant features that you have to think about before going to a final decision to buy it. The above reviews will give you a fair idea of what type is really need you when to range or hunt in the forest. Otherwise, the military personnel or law enforcement officers are very keen to think about matters as they generally go out for heavy-duty for nations. This is wise to read above well to have a good drop leg holster that provides you with a long-term service.

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