The Best Co2 Pellet Pistol For Target Shooting

Sometimes this is necessarily a demand for a sidearm, then after roaming to and fro, the best co2 pellet pistol is recommended for you, and generally, you do it at any cost. This is documented that gas-powered airsoft pistols are mostly liked by people for being reliable and powerful in use.

So, when you get your rifle runs out of battery or ammo, then you can use it as a defense for an instant. The shooting easiness and reliability are the most powerful documents for the co2 pistol. The instant triggering response is very accurate and so people run for this kind of store. Because they enjoy it very much.

5 Best affordable co2 pistols


1. ASG Dan Wesson Co2 Airgun BB Revolver

Dan Wesson LicensedYou are new that ok. This is one of the best for you. Your starting with DAN Wesson will inspire you to collect more and more experience. Compared with others, it will be good for you.

Asking for a BB revolver, I went elsewhere several times and got the last treatment with DAN WESSON. This is a licensed ASG .177 caliber and the CO2 BB airgun is compatible with what you are interested in.

The different color compositions of this BB airgun should be eye-catching to everybody. With the package, you will get a speed loader, a holster, and a cartridge that are sure you need when to think about having a beautiful Co2 pistol instead. The grip will give a huge strength to shoot at your targets. Co2 has a rubber grip for more confirmation in use.

The speed is covering a standard distance that you deserve beforehand. Steel BBs for a speed shoot that reaches up to 430fps. A 6-shot magazine with the weight of 430 fps is really the best sidearm that your pocket can hold it easily.

What we liked

  • Steel BBs for a right-shooting experience
  • Good weight measuring 430fps
  • Very handy usable
  • Triggering easiness is awesome as a performance
  • Affordable in any situation

What we didn’t like

  • Pricing much comparing the features

2. Walther CP88 Pellet Gun Air Pistol

CP88 Comp - BlackWalther barrel Co2 the best as the market says it a perfect one for anyone eager to enjoy CO2 experience. Price is a poor factor if you get strong features that CP88 includes in its package.

The gas-powered real-looking pistol is a feel for real life. Durable and pure materialized stuff goes with some stunning features required for daily needs.

The Walther CP88 Barrel air pistol is having double functionality—single and double shots.

The size sustains a velocity of 450 feet per second and it generally meets your demands. The large barrel of 6-inch as you can go to compare to the other size available in 4-inch. Hence, it gives you good services in need. It shows good worth in the market.

Of the best co2 pellet pistol, it comes with a rotary talent clip that can provide 8 shots and it is more than that in the market. Though some restrictions on selling and buying in New York City. If your resident is out of New York City, you are lucky enough to get it with you for shooting experience. For the target shot, Walther CP88 is the best for you. This is worth having when your choice staring at this type of CO2 pistol in the market.

What we liked

  • Gas-powered works well
  • Single and double functionality
  • The rotary clip delivers 8 shots
  • 450fps velocity
  • The large barrel of 6-inch

What we didn’t like

  • Not selling in for New York City

3. Umarex Colt 6 Python Co2 Revolver

Colt Python CO2A realistic swing-out cylinder revolver offered by Umarex Colt 6 Python is a new call for a new generation to experience an exceptional moment in the Co2 revolver.

Whole about it tells with a greater double trigger action in a shooting. The shooting life gets relief when to take a piece of it with you on the go. This is nearly all in one. Your preference should attempt to get it.

The caliber pellets and the speed it consists of overwhelm your demand leaving you with the rest of satisfaction. 0.177 caliber pellets released at the speed of 400fps. You are not needed more than that with the best co2 pellet pistol as a makeshift use. This is good all the way you think. This co2, is a power wheel gun that is superior for background plinking and often to pest control.

Adjustable rear sight with a soft rubberized grip keeps shooter amused for a long wait. The comfortable grip and triggering smoothness is extra for a perfect shoot in which a shooter finds himself inaccurate range and target.

What we liked

  • An accurate 10-shot BB co2 pistol
  • Double action trigger for accurate frequent shots
  • .177 caliber pellets for standard balance
  • Awesome speed of 400fps
  • Rubberized grip for a long hold

What we didn’t like

  • Swing-out cylinder design not liked by some

4. SIG Sauer X5 Series P226 Black Airgun

SIG Sauer P226It is a great one in co2 bb pistols. The caliber .177 pistols offer a good velocity in a short time just in a target to shot. 300fps is quite a super volume of speed you really look for time to time.

This is the best co2 pellet pistol on the market. It curves enemies like rats, bunnies, etc. This is good to use SIG co2 pistols to get rid of veggie.

SIG Sauer P226 X5-Five CO2 Pistol is blowback and with a recoil effect that in use, one can feel and take a taste of a real gun. 18 round magazines for the semi-automatic pistol is a great term of application in shooting the targets one after one. A cartridge is 12-gram and operates well in full preparation to that pinpoint of targets. The fixed-sighted pistol is made of metal material for long durability.

The performance is unquestionable. It is easy to add red dot sight and you can mount it to weaver rail. This is a type that is well safety and cocking mechanism is all operated well in the shooting.

What we liked

  • .177 is well caliber pistol
  • Blowback and recoil effect is available
  • 18-round magazine
  • 12-gram standard weight
  • Red dot sight included

What we didn’t like

  • A bit heavier

5. Umarex H and K P30 Pellet Pistol

Evike Umarex H&KUmarex always offers the best co2 pellet pistol to its customers in the market. It is well-known to the people for quality and well-designed co2 pistols. So, H and K P30 is co2 powered pistol, a must for all people interested in. this is affordable in price and a facsimile of a real piece of KH P30.

In short, it uses lead pellets or steel BBs for accuracy. The composite material made design feels like a real p30 and has a good weight to carry. The grip featuring is so nice when to handle the move on the run. Easier grip and holding comfort for better performance. It has a co2 cylinder .177 caliber pistol, and an 8-shot magazine.

The Umarex sight is adjustable and good for a target. But a little bit of restriction is not for New York. The city does not allow it to use for the dwellers. Rather, for the New Yorkers, thinking is otherwise. But the co2 copy is great for performance and weight.

What we liked

  • A replica of real gun P30
  • Easier and comfortable grip
  • .177 caliber with a 15-shot magazine
  • Metal made wild boy is durable
  • An ambidextrous magazine release system

What we didn’t like

  • Semi-auto BB pellets

Buying Guides

a. Types of the Best Co2 Pistols

Co2 pistols are two types of nature. A blowback and non-blowback pistols. The firing effect of a blowback pistol shows as like a real one. This is only why people going for it. The look and feel are awesome when keeping its sidearm. It is found that mostly blowback pistols are of metal and go for a long walk on the path. Comparing between two peers, you can find blowback is less efficient than non-blowback. Otherwise, blowback is expensive and the utilization depends on the people’s interest and uses matters.

b. Things to Consider

Several things to consider before a final step toward a product if you demand it for life. First thing is that you have to delve into all the active features that come to need when to use. Later, comparing your budget, your decision is forgetting the thing as satisfaction in mind. Here are some things as a reminder of the best co2 pistol.

c. Price And Features

Hit your price behind all the features you get with the best co2 pistol. Performance is the best thing to consider and if everything matches your requirements, price does not matter then. 350—450 fps is quite stunning and the accuracy is the matter. If both go well, get it without thinking more. A package with some co2 pistol includes several types of accessories and more offers in the guarantee. The features and performance are the best consideration for a good airsoft pistol that price comes after them.

d. Other Things to Think

You may be the first time to use this type of co2 pistol. Not being familiar is natural. But we would like to inform you about the rules of using co2 pistols according to your state’s policy. It sometimes happens a problem with shipping matter with the sellers; do not allow it to go anywhere you like. Because of security or foreign policy. So, before a final selection, your turn is for the state’s rules and regulations for using guns of these types. However, before wasting your money and time, knock your local authority out to know more and more.


The best co2 pellet pistol includes some important features that users generally want to know online. Hence, some top-rated co2 BB pistols are reviewed for easy consideration above. The sidearm is really good when reading out some important features here in detail. A target shooting that keeps a list to hunt nuisance animals or to control pests like rats. This is recommended for you to take in deep to have this one now. Because you need Umarex very much in need. However, considering your budget and other features, you yourself are quite able to decide the thing to have. Remember, reading and comparing the features is only your guide for a good one to buy. I mean, your satisfaction will come from my user experience and review of the best co2 pistol on that this time.


How long does a co2 cartridge typically last in a pellet gun?

Depending on the model, a co2 cartridge can last anywhere from 30 to 400 shots.

Can I use a co2 cartridge that is not specifically designed for my pellet gun?

It is not recommended to use a co2 cartridge that is not specifically designed for your pellet gun. Not all co2 cartridges are created equal and using the wrong one could damage your gun.

Do pellet guns require any maintenance?

Yes, pellet guns do require some basic maintenance. You will need to clean the gun regularly and oil the moving parts to keep it in good working condition.

What is the difference between a pellet gun and an air rifle?

The main difference between a pellet gun and an air rifle is that a pellet gun uses co2 cartridges to propel the pellets, while an air rifle uses compressed air.

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