Best Gun Safe Under 200 – Affordable High Security

Water saves a life. On the other hand, polluted water can take life. So, we install a water purifier and take other preventive measures to ensure pure and safe water. You must be thinking why we’re talking about water instead of talking about the best gun safe under 200. Bear with me because here comes the reasoning.

For that example, guns are for our protection from life-threatening individuals. But it can also harm us and our family members if we don’t keep our guns locked away. Ensuring fire safety is like purifying contaminated water. So, it’s a must for gun owners. There are plenty of gun safe types with various prices.

We made this list considering the gun owners who need a mini safe with good quality and maximum protection. Before we begin our product review, we’ll see a mini but complete guide to buying a gun safe. Also, it includes all other types of gun safes. It’ll show you the door to the world of gun safes.

Our Top Picks


1. Best 8-Gunsafety Cabinet: Stack on GCB-8RTA Steel Assemble Security Cabinet

stack on 8 gun safe fireproof


Stack-On GCB-8RTA is positioned #90 in the Gun Safe Cabinets section on Amazon. This is a full-sized security cabinet that can hold up to 8 rifles or shotguns with a height of a maximum of 52 inches. Being approved by the California Department of Justice, Stack-On GCB-8RTA is the best big-sized security cabinet you can buy at a very low price. This one is indeed one of the best gun safes under 200.


  • This one is not portable like the above 3 gun safes. It weighs almost 50 pounds.
  • The top shelf of this safe cabinet can be removed. So, if you have guns that have a height of more than 54 inches, you can securely store those too.
  • The space inside is huge that allows 8 guns to store. The inside floor has foam.
  • The parts are easy to assemble within a short time. The fasteners used to assemble are tamper-proof from the outside.
  • The 3-point locking mechanism makes it inaccessible to kids and burglars.
  • You can easily mount it to the wall or securely bolt it to the floor. It’s not that heavy for mounting.

What we liked

  • Heavy security in the affordable price range
  • Removable top shelf and affordable
  • Easy to mount and easy to assemble

What we didn’t like

  • The thin metal sheet could get bent

2. Best 10-Gunsafety Cabinet: Stack on GCB-910 Steel Compact Cabinet

stack on 10 gun cabinet review


Stack-On GCB-910 is positioned #17 in the gun safes & Cabinets section on Amazon. This one has even more storage than the above model. It can store 10 guns with a maximum of 52 inches in height. Buying this security cabinet is a great choice. But you should buy the above one if you need an adjustable shelf. If you search stack-on 14 safe click here.


  • This gun storage is made with strong and heavy steel. Breaking it requires a lot of force and you can be tension-free of unauthorized access.
  • It has enough space to store 10 guns. The guns must have a height of fewer than 52 inches. The only downside is that you can’t remove the top shelf in order to secure bigger guns.
  • This heavy-duty and stable gun safety comes with a very small price. The mechanism is easy to understand and operate.
  • It has foam inside so that your gun gets no scratches.

What we liked

  • Easy to mount
  • Very affordable compared to its space
  • 3-point locking system

What we didn’t like

  • Can’t withstand the heavy force
  • The shelf isn’t adjustable

3. Best Digital KeyPadded Storage: Best Choice Products Steel Electronic Rifle Storage

bcp large 5 digital gun safe


Somewhat now a day, in mission for the best digital gun safe under 200 will be successful with BCP large-5 digital safe.  It’s an electronic firearm safe. The highlighting firearm safe featured puts heavy-duty steel and door.

An electronic keypad-guided weapon safe keeps running on four AA batteries and effortlessly you can access the things that are already put in the safe. In a working option, it, however, keeps the manual system to open the BCP large-5 Electronic Safe. The reinforcement bolster makes the safe dazzling feel better being used. Also, if you search for a long gun safe box, so go long gun safe post.

Substantial spaces to store firearm-related extras such as reports, ammunition, magazines, cleaning materials, and more. The capacity for five guns is really enough to keep your weapons organized. Fifty-seven-inch tallness, fourteen-inch width, and eleven inches deep that the thing is fine for your firearms. The thin structure assumes holding not enough space in your room without making a mess around the room.

Electronic locking door takes no time in opening or shuts down the weapons after utilization. It’s really a less-cost battery-run firearm and is the kind that is perfect for your guns and other valuables. Overall, the solid steel made top gun safe under 200 is your cost-effective thing.

What we liked

  • House for five guns
  • The electronic keypad operated safely
  • Enough space for other valuables

What we didn’t like

  • Most buyers get it dented during transportation

4. Best Mini Biometric Safe: Viking Security VS-20BLX Fingerprint Safe

viking security safe


Viking Security Safe VS-20BLX is positioned #28 in Gun Safes & Cabinets section on Amazon. This heavy safe box has both fingerprint and pin entering options. You’ll never be locked out because it has 3 unlocking options. It’s got plenty of room for more than one handgun. This mini safe from Viking is worth its price. We highly recommend this one if portability is not your main concern.


  • The 500 DPI optical sensor allows you to save up to 32 fingerprints. It works so fast that you can get instant access within a second by placing the finger correctly.
  • It has a heavy steel door with 5mm thickness and two 20mm solid steel locking bars. So, breaking into the safe is quite tough.
  • It has a removable shelf so that you can modify it according to your requirement.
  • The safe is designed to last long. It’s also very easy to install, set up, and operate.

What we liked

  • Allows to save multiple fingerprints
  • Very easy to use
  • 2 strong solid locking bars
  • The Shelf can be adjusted

What we didn’t like

No backlit for the keypad

5. Best Portable Pistol Safe: YUEMA Quick Access Fingerprint Wall Mount Bracket

YUEMA biometric gun safe


Biometric handgun safe is the #1 selling gun safe in Gun Safes & Cabinets section on Amazon. This gun safe can fit almost all handguns of different sizes. The package includes all you need to wall mount the safe. The fingerprint sensor has the latest technology to successfully detect your fingerprint under any circumstance. All necessary hardware is included except 4 x 1.5V batteries.


  • The safe is tamper-resistant and durable because Cold-Rolled steel material is used to build it. You can mount it to the wall or secure it to the floor with pre-drilled mounting holes.
  • Quick and easy yet secure access is the key to taking out the firearm in emergency situations. The fingerprint sensor works super fast. Besides, you’ll never get locked out as Amaray provides a spare key to the safe.
  • It claims the biometric sensor chip they use has 0 chance of accepting false prints. It’s great comparing other safe box sensors. It also eliminates the chance of rejecting a legitimate print.
  • This lightweight box can be easily carried. The design and build quality of this safe makes it strong. Thus, it can safely and securely store the gun.

What we liked

  • No codes or pins to remember
  • No keys to maintain
  • Quick open

What we didn’t like

  • Thin outer shell
  • Requires 4 1.5V batteries which aren’t included

6. Best Digital Pistol Safe: GunVault Microvault Standard Digital MV500-STD Safe

gunvault mv500 microvault pistol gun safe


GunVault MV500 is positioned #5 in Gun Safes & Cabinets section on Amazon. This pistol gun safe can guard your valuable documents, jewelry, or small-size handguns. The compact size allows great portability. The safe is very strong because it’s constructed with 20 gauge steel. Let’s get to know its amazing features.


  • It has a heavy-duty lock mechanism with a steel-made security cable.
  • The interior has protective foam which helps to keep your valuables scratch-free.
  • The safe has super strength as it’s made from 20-gauge steel.
  • You can carry it anywhere you want because of its lightweight and included a battery-powered keypad locking system. The safe also has the option to permanently mount.
  • The keypad is designed in such a way that you can input the pin even in the dark.
  • You’ll know when to change the batteries as it gives visual and audible low battery warnings. It also warns in case of any attempt to unauthorized access using incorrect codes.

What we liked

  • The inside wall has foam for protection
  • Has keys to unlock in case of battery failure
  • The top-notch lock mechanism

What we didn’t like

  • A bit heavier considering the portability
  • Requires 9V battery which is not included

7. Best Small Safe: SnapSafe Keyed Alike Lock Box

snapsafe lock box reviews


SnapSafe Keyed Alike Lock Box is positioned #22 in Gun Safes & Cabinets section on Amazon. They are committed to their product quality. Giving a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and material defects prove their commitment. The built quality and durability have won people’s hearts quickly after its release. This safe is recognized by the California Department of Justice because it meets TSA airline firearm guidelines.


  • You can use it in your home, keep it beside your bed, in your car, or carry it with you because of its great portability. Store small-size handguns, important documents, or jewelry without any problem or worry.
  • Its 16-gauge steel housing makes it withstand heavy beating and rough use.
  • The package includes 2 heavy-duty cables to make the safe securely tied to a stationary object.
  • The inside wall has a protective layer to prevent any scratches on your valuable possessions.
  • The key lock never fails and the lock mechanism can’t be picked easily.

What we liked

  • It’s affordable and easily portable
  • Compact design
  • It’s easy to mount
  • Heat resistant

What we didn’t like

  • No side padding
  • Not fireproof

Final Verdict

We all try to find a cheap alternative for buying something like clothes, a little home decoration, booking a hotel, or anything insignificant. It’s okay to do that until it harms you.

On the other hand, when you’re buying something that is supposed to last more than 2 or 3 years, you should not look for cheap Chinese or low-quality products. It may cost you less in the short run. But you’ll suffer in the long run not only financially but also physically and mentally. Now, as you can understand, fire safety is no joke.

So, choose a good quality various gun safe for your own good and your family’s safety. Choose one from our list of the 6 best gun safes under 200 if you’re on a tight budget. Make sure to check our site for more gun safes and many valuable pro tips.


What are the items that you want in your safe?

To get the answer, you’ve to make a list of valuable things. The list may contain jewelry or cash along with the guns. So, you’ve to choose the size of the safe according to the list. The listed gun size is also a matter to consider.

What is the value of those items?

What we mean here is that it’d be an absurdity to buy a safe that costs more than 1000 bucks to secure less valuable items. So, think about how valuable your item is and choose accordingly.

How strong does your safe need to be?

The answer to this one is similar to the above one. You need to consider how valuable your item is which will guide you to choose how strong your safe needs to be.

What is the frequency of your opening the safe?

Some safes are very quick to open whereas some are not. So, you have to think about how often you need your gun or other valuables from your safe. If it’s too often, you need a safe that is easily accessible. If it’s once a month, you need something big and heavy.

Do you have any location constraints?

Location constraint means if you have any requirement that says the safe must be placed in the living room or basement or in any particular space. This also includes allocated space dimensions.

What are the criteria that your gun insurance requires?

Check your gun insurance agreement. It may state the requirements you need to meet for your gun safe. This criterion will also narrow down your search result.

What kinds of gun safe?

All gun owners have guns for protection but some of them collect guns as a hobby. So, different types of gun safes serve gun owners with different intentions. Here’s a list of all possible gun safes. Although, all types here don’t have their best gun safe under 200.
Gun safe with biometric
Gun safe with electronic lock
Wheel and pin combination
Key lock gun safety
Multiple lock
Fireproof gun safe
Hidden under plain sight safes
Car gun safety
Under-bed handgun safe
Gun safe in-wall
Heavy-duty performance
Gun safe that fits in the corne.