Best Long Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews in 2023

A gun safe comes into memory after the loss of loved ones. But getting it back, that makes its way forever? If a gun calculates security for your life, why not for other members including toddlers or kids, the finest pieces of the creator gifted for you? You may not think beyond your capacity, but the best long gun safe under 500, this, at least can be your budget-friendly one. A Boa without a cage is a predator.

So does your gun. You strictly remember that a minimum security safe can be a blessing for your whole family as well as the society we tied ourselves to lead a heavenly lifestyle. Would you let it go to dogs leaving hopes in a dirty space of life? If not, find things out as you are directed to follow me as long as I go until a safe.

This is a list of the most popular gun safes under 500. To maintain a high-security level, price does not matter but a rich selection. As I’m walking behind you, you must be pushed for a safe that includes all-around your indoor and outdoors requirements covered. It’s me to help you until a pick is satisfactory.

Best Long Gun Safe Under 500

1. Convertible Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet- Stack-On GCDG-9216

Stack-On GCDG-9216 16-Gun CabinetFor 500, pleasantly big hands for a capacity of 16 long guns. You can’t imagine a medium-poor buck can hold the capacity for the whole family in merely two separate sections. It has been built anew with some features that its previous versions were not met in terms of updates.

Each separate section takes some 16 rifles or shotguns somewhat a bigger room than your whole family members owned rifles or shotguns in person. But, in the case of a bit larger issue, you can only put some 12 long guns in an easy rest. So, your feelings affirmatively voted for this model under 500 wanted to you.

Some child parts related to your guns need to be stored. The second room is empty to hold accessories used for your guns. The four removal shelves of steel body stacked one after one with an easy in-out sledding path inside. Handgun scopes, ammo, lights, knives, gears, magazines, and some more accessories go in need. The customizable shelves have a better setting as per your use easiness where you can get it larger for additional big guns inside.

Safe is safe. Because the dress it puts on is pure stainless steel and the door construction is a bit differently reinforced steel for increased lasting ability. The steel-made locking system patch is durable area and impact resistant that does not noise after frequent use. Two separate sections are protected by a 3-point locking system and can be maintained separately.

Mounting holes are the advantages to keeping the safe secure for increased safety. It comes in pre-drilled and the bolt can be used for a perfectly set as you think it is safe. The stainless steel body can receive a high voltage of impact that proves a long life and durability. The corrosion-resistant material has no brittle issue that makes harsh noise in use. It’s moderate for long security at home or in the office.

2. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

A biometric fingerprint reader is installed, which provides your guns or firearms with increased security. At best a tight safety for three rifle-sized weapons. But at the same time, accessories will not be escorted to the store. Possibly, when you are considering only two popular rifles, no scopes or modifier grips are gathering so far.

For home security, Barska Quick Access biometric rifle safe works beyond your expectations before buying. Biometric technology means you have to put your fingerprints, and if matched with prints stored beforehand by the system, then only you will have access to guns in a safe. Otherwise not. It has beautiful feelings in use for gun security.

The power of reading fingerprints is pretty good. At a time 120 pieces of fingers, it scans and stored in their memory. This is a good sign that one can buy it for multiple accesses by multiple users. An office or a big family suits with the security system by cutting the cost of safe individually.

Biometric Lock

All-in-one. So, the item is budget-friendly and one can hold it easily being a fortunate buyer. Cut users down, if you feel a problem with having so many users for a single device. Just let your all fingers prints go into the system to read. The benefit is that all your fingerprints will be stored in the system and for a quick move, any of your fingers are put before the reader to have quick access to guns in a safe. You can use your 10 fingers in the same system at a time.

Battery power run scanner gives a good result for two-year-plus. AA batteries are a simple fact that easily you can load on when becoming weak as seen in reading the fingerprints slowly and your late access to the safe. Ultimately, you will be warned by a red blinking on the battery charge low after the safe door is closed. It needs your safe battery to change.

The door closed, the battery charge has gone, but urgently you need to access your safe! Your head is spinning around the world. You are madly running to and fro. No tension, backup keys are available, and have your easy access to your safe is a happy moment with the piece of Barska Quick Access bio-safe. It’s simple to go with this system. This is the best long gun safe under 500.

3. Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet – Stack-On GCDB-924

Double sections. One is for a gun and the other is for accessories or both, depending on your using perspective. The door locking separation system does not allow access to both from a single unlocking.

It works separately. If you want to access one section, you can do it. You do not need to open both at the same time. 10 guns or rifles can be easily bedded for section one. And the second section, four removal steel shelves are available, and inside is foam wrapping creating a soft bed for guns or accessories.

The foam helps free from corrosion or wear scratches. The cabinet shelves are, especially for guns, ammo, scopes, flashlights, and accessories’ safety.


You have trust in steel. Because the long life it provides is praiseworthy. The safe cabinet you are reading here is the material used to protect things inside. The doors for both sections go a bit longer than reinforced steel. The area holds for the locking system is layered with double steel for extra support. Because of an installment of the locking mechanism here. So, hard yet easy functionality.

Anchoring your safe does not matter while pre-drilled holes and bolts are available on buying this piece. You can easily hold it on the wall or the floor so tightly leaving no loose anyway. The section for the gun has a good barrel rest and it fits well when you keep your gun inside. No scratches or stains as the foam is wrapped inside and around the cabinet body. Nice feeling of use.

130lbs not so much for heavy security for your firearms. Anchored safe, if you think it to move otherwise, it can easily be done. The lighter weight safe is safe for all the way you use it. The 3-points coded double-bitted locking system is strong security for your guns or valuables in a safe.

A material, locking, sections, shelves, and whatsoever it is, good for you all the time and for your firearms. It’s rendering good services according to many reviews read as if now. The package of set keeping accessories, just remembers them in receiving the full pack of safe.

4. V-Line Quick Access Keyless Shotgun Safe

It’s strong and sturdy but small in size. Not no more than two long guns it holds inside. With scopes and flashlights, it is again impossible to store them. Just for simple use.

The steel-made safe is surely safe for your safety and the valuables or firearms. The good-looking appearance fits any corner at home and in any room. So much space is not needed here to place the safe one time. A powder-coated finish on the safe that provides huge life security beyond your lifetime.

Locking System

The mechanical lock works for safe for safety. V-line is a programmable button key combinational locking system safe. it’s changeable the combinations button any time if you want to.

A master lock and two additional extra locks sit on the top and bottom of the door. It ensures overall security for your guns in safe. For home use, always try it with its combinational keys short for easy access. If the safe must not be out of children, just get longer your combinations to get rid of easy access by the children. Or think otherwise according to the situation you are known to.

Cheat burglary!  Mount it with the bolt and anchored it tightly that unmovable. The floor is best for your safe usable if you are children-free or pin it on the wall so tightly that neither a burglar nor can a kid touch its own. Overall judgment is that it purely renders a safety whatever you keep inside.

The satisfaction is that the main locking system is a wonderful one and the extra one is increased security. Maybe, you can feel it difficult to store more than a rifle or shotgun or handgun, but this an ultimate that it protects you from harm or any unwanted accidents. At final, it is an exceptional safety and easiness of use.

5. Goplus 5 Rifle Electronic Lock Gun Storage

Goplus’s is the best long gun safe under 500 electronic digital lockbox cabinets. The safe read capacity for 5-rifle or shotguns. But here it is not finished.

You will have a lot of spare space after 5 rifles or shotguns. The remaining space is quite enough to place for ammo, flashlight, or any other accessories that keeps a set of guns of five. This is good to use as being a middle one. Handy too.

Heavy steel is going to a factory for the safe. The tested steel is keeping a record that proves to be perfect for the safe of valuables. This is why it becomes popular worldwide.

Security System

The steel varied in different areas such as the wall body is 2mm thicker and the door is 4mm thicker for additional security. The electronic keypad is a setting for operating mechanisms. Just fewer steps to be done to access valuables stored in. Punch your codes, pull off the handlebar and open it to what thing you want it keeping.

 In case of emergency access, when you are getting one system is down to get in, the alternative way is happier to use for quick access safe to reach the valuables or guns inside. It can only be happened of the battery charge falls short.

Also, a battery charge signal that blinks red in signal when to guess it lowering the battery charge. A set of 4-pieces of AA batteries is used to power the electric safe to continue the operation. And the good news is that each set lasts for two years plus. It assumes a good life for the safe you use.

Only 75 lbs. Anchoring easiness and safe from stealing and children are some positive sides in having the safe. You just can put it wherever you want it to be placed. The pre-drilled holes and bolt catch it together on the back of the safe on the wall or the floor. So, a tight-fitting is required to have it fixed well.


Last Lines

A lot of gun safe is available in the market when you search online. But the best long gun safe under 500 is rarely difficult to find. Through deep research and gathering extensive practical information from well-known or close friend groups, at the last meeting, the above-mentioned and reviewed safe for you to consider a buy. These are all the way best in my sense and can knock the features mentioned.

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