How to Clean a Glock Pistol – Step By Step

The routine duty that includes a handgun either for office or self-defense sometimes stands against a steady operation due to being difficult to use for all ages. The strength and the ability, especially, for old geezers come to contact with a lower trend and lack of dexterity that tumbles down in the race of time. If you’re using a pistol and the question arises in your mind, how to clean a Glock pistol? So, follow the instructions step by step.

The big-bore defensive semi-automatic handgun that happens to be with a Glock operation causes all things of easy operation. It needs cleaning on scheduled work. If you are looking for the most powerful air pistol information go here.

The Glock, a focal point to reload ammo should be greasy back and forth resting the finger from heavy pressure, that is easy. Therefore, Glock handguns or pistols demand an easy sled to run fast. The prescription of that headache tells you how to clean a Glock as well. The more you have an easy Glock the more defense it ensures for you.

Unlike some other automatic handguns with huge mechanism services, This simple Glock does not lay for heavy cleaning maintenance while a new unit is designed with a copper-colored slide and works like a lubricated one and outlasts.

If cleaning is done every day, it comes easy with less effort as paying narrow attention does not hamper the operation during a reload to shot. The significant steps record more on cleaning issues of your Glock Pistol holster.

Facing your handgun in a safe and soft direction, put out the magazine if it is attached to it. The loading chamber should definitely be emptied. So, racking the slide and ejecting the round is a safety measure to start it cleaning. It needs to remove the magazine before taking the round out from the gun chamber.

Your magazine well is without a magazine and safe to work. Now, a slide lock is essential and for that, check the chamber carefully and visually. Though the bolt face and magazine well of the guns will ensure it cleared and safe.

The quality gun cleaner patch or solvent is a perfect suit to do it. The break-free cleaner lubricant protector is very suitable for me. Soak the cleaning patch and thread it on the cleaning rod. Take the ready cleaning rod into the extreme end of the barrel and start it swapping out the barrel and chamber so softly that it does not put any scratches on it.

Run the soaked cleaning rod back and forth that covers the entire area of the barrel and do it six or seven times in a full swing.

Use a brass bore brush after removing the patch from the rod that has already been used. Remove the rod from the chamber and insert it into the barrel. Robustly and gently scrub the bore as you did before. Do it until the gun bore is shiny and clean.

Now for the slide. Keep the slide vertically. On the way, you need the muzzle down. To clean the breech face now, use an old toothbrush that can softly remove the rust dust. Following this process, remember to save the gun’s firing pin from the solvent you use to clean up the session. It may cause your gun to fail the shots.


The best gun cleaner is all about but needs a proper utilize you should know. Your concentration is an added step that helps increase the security of your gun. Otherwise, the gun safe is also a way that reduces the issues that cause more requirements to arrange to clean your gun. The way how to clean a Glock to have increased performance from your handguns is detailed in brief to follow the procedure as you are to do the job alone.

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