Vortex Strikefire 2 With Magnifier Review for 2023

The vortex strikefire 2 with magnifire review tells that its immediate old model was invented from a wild demand on its affordability, good quality, rod-dot-optic for rifles, shotguns, and carbines. On the way of its track, it takes some space and dominates with some features including high quality and prices for superb performance. However, it has noticeable downtrend for the last year and the price comes to the middle range with the same functionalities and performances.

vortex strikefire 2 review

Latest Reviews & Price

But all the features that are well known to its users worldwide remained unchanged but the price only. This is one because of the people bending over the all-rounder to catch it in their hand so far. Why are you gonna backward? A step is a winning chance for the original one for the twopenny price.

Reviews are some practical user experiences for people from which one can get a guideline on the various aspects of presumptions on a particular type of product. Vortex Strikefire 2 best price with the same attitude, keeping some spectacular specifications that can change the shooting style and more enjoyable for hunters, sportsmen, and hobbyists.

  • Multiple anti-reflect coatings and multi-coated lenses increase light transmission
  • For greater windage and elevation 30mm single-piece tube helps get fine adjustments and strength.
  • The optics are waterproof and the O-ring sealed fight against moisture, due to prevent it.
  • The scope bore center is 40mm above the original base due to having an extra-high ring height for convenient use.
  • Internal fogging is barred for nitrogen-purged technology.
  • Astutely designed to protect dust, sand, debris, etc. to get in.

Vortex Strikefire 2 Review

Not going to be so high, but trying to draw attention to a mid-range price optic, that will keep all about what a high-priced one does. It only goes to show lacking the bells and whistles that other brands are available with it. But the performance, you can expect a far extra-long leaving behind its big brothers invisible.

It does things in a brilliant combination of modern technology so far. The mentionable features of the optics are durable, accurate, and handy which bring comfort in use.

The design includes a red dot optic sight that reads objects magnifying 1x with its 30mm lens. The optic represents its design in two options—the first one is a red and green reticle and the second one is a single bright red dot, users love both very much.

Effort Setting

The stunning point that keeps you await is ‘Night vision’ compatible with the easy and lowest effort setting, which helps for the quick shot.

Almost a dry-leaf weight, only 7.2 oz. The light and compact optic sit on the weapon in a little bulk of the area. The length is so considerable and is 5 ½” while the solid black finish with the support of scratch resistance, is glossy always.

A 2x doubler of Strikefire 2, two flip-up lens covers, lens cloth, CR2 battery, and a wrenching torque have helped spring up above the sky of goodwill.


Waterproof, but not safe in the submersible that is a risk of being dysfunctional. Strike 2 is fog-resistant because of nitrogen purged. And is shockproof of a sudden fall. The feature bunch binds a 100 MOA adjustment range and ½ MOA clicks.


The optic comes with very easy installation and full-phased utilization of a 30mm scope ring. The smooth rotation of the ring feels that the objects are coming nearer and going away from each rotation. The optic was first introduced with a high-rise mount that allowed for a clear view through it.

The elevation and windage adjustment was not done easily. It took a coin, tool, or rim to adjust. This was very easy with more compromises such as fingerprint turrets. All the features are a blessing for the mid-range optic for a small budget.

MOA Adjustment

The vortex strike fire 2 best prices in a ½ MOA adjustment ratio for a perfect balance. I experienced the optic at 25 yards with a simple ½  MOA setting. I was able to move the reticle by 1 inch from 8 clicks. This was possible with its easy-setting knobs. [wpsm_highlight color=”green”]More Live Information[/wpsm_highlight]

The first thing, feature for an optic to operate is the On/Off button. The button functions are aptly featured for the optic to On/Off and for a change between red and green dots. The button position is good while the right-handed shooters access it easy to and can touch it without using the firing hand at the final stage of shooting.

Only a disappointment that the button has to hit in the middle instantly to get it activated. But it needs practice to do freehand. And you can think it difficult to wear a hand mask. I did it within minutes of the adjustments.

Object Ground

The vortex strike 2 allows to utilization of both eyes pattern for an aim and it’s definitely a danger for the target when both eyes meticulously can see through the scope for a sure shot to fall object ground. Your experience in the optic tells an excellent step for air rifle lovers worldwide.

The optic’s inside is a dark abyss to look in. You can imagine the look of black glasses in the sun. The light access is not a must through the vortex strike fire 2 reviews. The reticle of the optic is so nice and bright while the contrast setting is easy to use. Two buttons control the brightness up and down.

Button System

A button sits on the system to instantly get the erectile down to have a clear night vision mode. Moreover, ten more settings for illuminating level contrast to minimum to maximum levels. For handling easiness, the controls sit in the right position providing more fun to use in mind.

The set of controls is on the left side and it’s easy, you can reach any of the control without moving your hand ready for the fire. With the help of optic performance, you will be able to shoot 300 rounds burning the standard PMC ammo in a steady effort.

The cheek weld is also fine for shooters with Air rifles. Whatever the matter is, the truth that happens is that you can unload the rifle and go to the new range to insert a new target.


The Last Impression

If a thing goes well all around, it comes from an angel. But in vortex strikefire 2 with magnifire review, bursts out some weak points, that one can notice when dealing with the lens. Though it’s overall second to none. This is a bold acknowledgment of the basic features of the Vortex strike fire 2 optics in use.

All the best I can call for you is to taste the basic features, generally, that dominate overall using a rifle experience regardless of what type of user you are. Then the answers to your all questions are out there to listen to observing all the features detailed above might and must help you to reach a final goal. All the features and their performances are proven and hence, I assure you too, definitely coming to a contract to have a nice scope resting your eye-sight in a perfect shot of the target.

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