Extraordinary Ultimate Guide of the Best Fireproof Gun Safe 2018 [Safes]

We all have some valuable items and documents that are irreplaceable and hold a special place in our lives. We try to hide and save such belongings from every kind of disasters and burglaries. But there are some unfortunate incidents that don’t leave anything intact behind, such as a dangerous big fire. To protect important documents, guns and other belongings from fire, a fireproof safe is a must. There are a number of fireproof safes available and it’s really hard to find and buy the one that would suit your needs perfectly. Keeping that in mind, I have researched the market and came up with the 3 best fireproof gun safe available to make your buying process more convenient.

3 Best Fireproof Gun Safe Comparison 2018

Image Name Dimensions Rating Price on Amazon
Honeywell 1108 1 Hour Fire/Water File Chest Interior:10.2 H x 15.0 W x 12.0 D inches Exterior:16.3 H x 20.3 W x 17.5 D inches Check Price
Steelwater AMSWEL-530 2Hour Fireproof Outside: 20 7/8 x 17 1/8 x 17 5/16 inches Interior: 16 1/4 x 12 9/16 x 12 3/16 inches Check Price
AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe Internal:12.5 x 8.1 x 14.2 inches External:14.2 x 12.2 x 15.7 inches Check Price

Honeywell 1108 1 Hour Fire

1. Honeywell 1108 1 Hour Fire/Water File Chest

Looking for a safe that can protect your important belongings from the fire as well as water? Then look no more. The 1108 1 Hour Fire/Water File Chest from Honeywell is just the one you are searching for. This is one of the best fireproof gun safe available in the market. This safe was specially designed to protect your documents and other important belongings from water as well as fire. The UL Class 350 guards the items in the safe from 1700ºF fire for at least 1 hour giving you enough time to move the chest to a safer place. Movement of this file chest is also relatively easy as it comes with a sturdy yet convenient wheel cart underneath.

Moreover, this 1108 Honeywell File Chest features a 24 hours waterproof seal around the lid that ensures the safety of your belongings inside the chest for up to 48 hours. For additional waterproofing, Honeywell included two side safety latches to the lid so that the chest can be submerged in 1m deep water and still the belongings would be safe.

Another great feature of this file chest is that it comes with a very large Silica gel bag. The Silica gel keeps away moisture from the chest and makes sure that the paper documents and other items remain free from any mold build-up.

What we liked
  • Modern, attractive design to fit into any interior
  • Ensures up to 1-hour protection from fire
  • Spacious interior to accommodate large sized documents
  • Comes with dual compression safety latches to provide additional protection from water
  • Includes silent pneumatic hinges that prevent the lid from slamming shut
  • The safety chest also comes with wheels for easy movement
  • Available in different sizes

What we didn't like
  • The chest is a bit heavy in weight
  • The key is quite flimsy and breaks off easily

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Steelwater AMSWEL-530

2. Steelwater AMSWEL-530 2Hour Fireproof Home and Document Safe

Another best fireproof gun safe you can consider buying is the AMSWEL-530Home and Document Safe from Steelwater. The AMSWEL-530 safe stores your handguns and other valuable documents and items securely by providing up to 2 hours of fire protection. The double layer of steel construction of the chest assures the safety of your valuables against 1850 degrees F of fire as well as burglary. Moreover, this safety chest also incorporates two active rectangular steel locking bolts that add extra surface strength making it even harder to steal.

To give the safe a more modern touch, Steelwater added a battery operated digital re-programmable digit combination locking system that features a non-volatile memory. You can use a 4-16 digit combination to secure the chest. The absence of traditional key lock system may cause a little inconvenience for those used to it.

Furthermore, the spacious interior of this safe includes a removable drawer and an adjustable tray for added convenience. You can store smaller valuable items like jewelry, important keys to this drawer without the fear of losing them. And the adjustable tray ensures that you have maximum space in the chest to store more items without much effort. You can store here like air pistol, ammo, and holster etc.

What we liked
  • Ensures maximum 2 hours protection against 1850 degrees Fahrenheit rated fire
  • Constructed with 2 layers of steel for maximum protection
  • Incorporates 2 steel locking bolts for smooth opening of the safe door
  • Easy to install instructions
  • Includes electronic digit combination lock system for more security
  • Comes with an adjustable shelf to fit in more items effortlessly

What we didn't like
  • The locking mechanism feels cheap
  • There is no key entry aside from the combination lock
  • Requires 4 A4 batteries for the locking system to work

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AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe

3. AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe – .83 Cubic Feet

Among AmazonBasics’s many fire safe boxes, the .83 Cubic Feet Fire Resistant Safe is considered as one of the best fireproof gun safes because of obvious reasons. This safe was tested for fire resistance by Intertek with a compilation of UL 72 Standard for Safety Tests. It can protect your important and expensive items in the chest from 1200 degrees Fahrenheit of fire for up to 20 minutes. Furthermore, this .83 Cubic feet safe has a heavy-duty steel construction with four large 0.75-inch bolts that ensure long lasting performance and dependable protection against disasters and theft.

Another extraordinary feature of this safe is that it comes with dual lock mechanism; an electronic keypad and conventional key lock system. The battery operated electronic keypad is very much user-friendly and ensures easy and quick access to the safe without any extra hassle. And if by any chance you ever forget your lock combination, there is nothing much to worry. The traditional key lock mechanism was included for such emergencies. This backup system will help you to unlock your safe effortlessly.

Furthermore, this AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe includes an inner self that can be adjusted according to your needs. This self-help to maximize storage space. As a result, you will be able to store here like an air rifle, air pistol, and gun holster.

What we liked
  • Sleek, stylish steel body construction
  • Includes dual locking system for maximum safety
  • Comes with 4 large steel bolts assuring superior security
  • Tested for 20 minutes of fire resistance at maximum 1200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Includes adjustable inner shelf to optimize maximum storage space
  • Backed by 1year limited warranty
  • Available in several different sizes

What we didn't like
  • The manual is not easy to interpret and thus requires a lot of time to install
  • Many customers received defective electronic locks


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What is a fireproof safe?

  • A fireproof safe is a storage unit that protects its belongings from an unfortunate incident of fire.

Why I need a fireproof safe?

  • There are many documents and items that are irreplaceable. To protect those items from an event of a fire you need a fireproof safe.

Where should I place my fireproof safe?

  • A fireproof safe must be placed far from the fire and flammable objects. It works best when it is bolted on a concrete surface.

Final Verdict

The best fireproof gun safes that I reviewed above are chosen based on their design, performance, price and most importantly their ability to protect valuable belongings from fire. Even though all of these safe chests have their own distinctive features and characteristics, I would recommend the Steelwater AMSWEL-530 2 Hour Fireproof Home and Document Safe because of its ability to protect safe belongings for up to 2 hours from a dangerous fire. This safe is also reasonably priced. Apart from fire protection, the Steelwater safe has a durable construction and easy to use the combination lock. This safe will surely provide the best value for your money.

Therefore, my advice would be, do not waste your time to research further and order your safe today. If you have any further query, please leave some quotes, so that I can reach you soon.

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