10 Best Fireproof Gun Safe 2021 – High Quality & Extreme Duty

We all have some valuable items and documents that are irreplaceable and hold a special place in our lives. We try to hide and save such belongings from every kind of disaster and burglary. But there are some unfortunate incidents that don’t leave anything intact behind, such as a dangerous big fire. To protect important documents, guns, and other belongings from fire, a fireproof safe is a must. It’s really hard to find and buy the one that would suit your needs perfectly. Keeping that in mind, we have researched the market. Here 10 best fireproof gun safe available to make your buying process more convenient.

Top 10 Fireproof Gunsafe of 2021

1. Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Long Gun Safe

The famous brand Steelwater keeps an extra-large gun safe in the market that can hold 16 guns at a time. It’s getting first priority in the checklist you make for an ideal gun safe for office or home use. The larger you think the better you get with this Steelwater as a safe corner for your guns, valuables, and so on.
The internal security deploys double locker systems that are wisely an idea by the manufacturers. It helps to escape from musclemen vested to gain access to your gun safe. Of two locker systems, if a locker is attacked and goes to vain in its performance. The other one stands strongly against any efforts intended to be broken into the heavy safe. It’s simply nice and protected.


One of a sudden open, the noiseless doorway gets soft pull switching on the interior LED lights automatically is surely a comfort when it flashes all the valuables inside the safe. The lighting privilege helps users to put and take things without any extra arrangement of light and may be boring during a swift move for stored items.

The glittering look of your guns is remaining as it is when buying them from the market due to having a carpet bed on the gun rests. The soft composite carpet protects your guns from scratching and taps commonly happen when to handle them carelessly. So, you are safe from things concerned with your guns and valuables damaging issues.

The heat-activated door seal is another magic power attached to the safe forcing you to immediately buy one before the stock ends. It does its best to save your safe and valuables that belonged inside. The door seals physics works naturally in the dreadful events of fire expanding. Itself (door seal) to hold heat and smoke out in the meantime it is highly required to save your safe. If you are not near the incident.

Temperature Tolerance

A safer guard against 1875 degree F heat temperature that provides 60 minutes exterior fireproof support. His dream record for Steelwater’s best fireproof safe brings fortune to gun users around the world. Because the heavy and costly safe seldom cheats it, owners, as it holds tested-materials in it for sake of heavy-duty for stored goods.


Shelves’ insides are fixed and tight as if a function like built-in stems, no jerking and sagging or possibility to break down as a whole. Because heavy steel u-channel plates and shelving clips shoulder the shelves uplifted vanishing the weights away from the shelves. This is a beautiful caring system the Steelwater fireproof gun safe provides for its users, a better way of gun life.

Install Place

You can install your safe somewhere on the flat ground you like at the safest place in your room. ¼- inch steel plates for 4 bottom corners give a setup if your option goes to bolt the safe down on the flat ground in a view to avoiding lose installation for better security. This is also an intense taste of life when dealing with guns and safety for a better lifestyle. Follow the guide for more information about how to move a heavy gun safe?

What we liked

  • It can hold 16 guns at a time
  • Carpet bed for gun rests protect from scratching
  • Interior LED light helps see inside
  • 60 minutes of fire protection against 1875o F temperature
  • Reinforced steel bolt to install on the ground
  • Heat-activated door seal expands to sustain heat and smoke out.
  • Double locker systems for security

What we didn’t like

  • Digital Keypad beeping is boring to many

2. Steelwater Standard Duty 20 Long Gun Safe

steelwater standard duty 20 long gun safeThe Steelwater is favorite worldwide as the fire phenomenon is common by short-circuiting or any other reasons unpredicted. And the Steelwater, for the fireproof gun safe comes first as the technology responds incidents to evade damages against 1875 degree F temperature for 60 minutes. It’s a real fight of Steelwater against a fire that happens leaving you unknown. Because of 8X hard-plates the safe skinned than it’s legged up, competitors. So, super protection ensures your guns and valuables.


The interior design keeps room for an LED lighting system that is automatic and fast when you make a peep in pulling out the door for the sake of storing and outing your valuables in dark. The improved and advanced tech-tower absolutely a clear message for the people like guns and the safety of their valuables.

The capacity you look sometimes is better than your project volume of 20 guns. Either for your family or office, you exactly are on the right track where the Steelwater fireproof gun safe forces you to a halt for more stellar features that you need at the moment of your demand. You never skip it unseen and untouched.

Digital Keypad

The high-security EMP proof electronic locking system digital keypad of 2 reprogrammable (3-8) digital codes provides comfortable feelings to use it standing on. And, double-sided bypass key lock is not easy enough for someone to reach your valuables stored inside the safe. The heavy security comes in its nature during manufacturing the model to take over the competitors Steelwater thinks.

Unbelievably you cannot shake it dashing away if once installed properly on the ground you choose. The reasons behind it- it has a ¼-inch steel-reinforced bolt to set up the safe on the ground and not removing anyway if you want it your own. Seldom you can think otherwise if tasted the Steelwater safe once in your life. You feel as mine with Steelwater fireproof gun safe for high security I get for years.

Door Organizer

The door organizer is furnished anew with the safe to keep your guns as exactly as it is. It also does more to protect your guns from scratching and damaging as the heavy yet soft material is used for long durability tuned to your user experience. As long as you are with Steelwater fireproof gun safe as a whole. Because you think your valuables as safe as a child in its mother’s lap. I enjoy it much more than that of others.

Heavy steel-made shelving clips put the shelf’s weight up preventing the sagging or breaking down in case of heavy loads you get in putting guns one after one beyond the actual capacity it holds. The steel’s u-channel takes the loads along with the clips featured this safe. However, the way you want you’re safe to be used protecting the valuables, you merely do it with the Steelwater’s one.

What we liked

  • 60 minutes of fire protection at 18750 F temperature
  • 20 long guns and valuables can house easily
  • 14-gauge steel body and long durability
  • The 3-way direct locking system
  • Automatic interior LED lighting systems works well
  • Internal spring-loaded re-locking bolt
  • Double-layer fireboard used in the wall, floor, ceiling and door jams

What we didn’t like

  • It’s a bit costly but safety

3. Steelwater Standard Duty 22 Long Gun Safe

steelwater standard duty 22 long gun safeSteelwater, a brand is most wanted to the people who, even for once used a safe manufactured featuring all the privileges that need a set of guns and valuables and tight security. Unlike the others, Steelwater’s heavy-duty gun safe brings some exceptional features including fireproof for a long hour into its heat-expanding seal construction. This is popularity you can share when to experience this kind of safe for your guns.

If asked its laudable feature that persuades you to buy, fire protection against 1875 degree F temperature is a perfect choice. You cannot overlook in a sense to ensure better security for your guns and valuables. And for time, it also consumes heat for 60 minutes plus shielding your long capacity of 22 guns safe.

The shelves it grasps inside to properly locate guns and valuables are well-arranged and looking nice in handling your own choice. Because reinforced steel material is used to being confident thinking around your bulk weighted gun pressure never sagging or breaking down on.

Lighting Interior

Dark in the safe is a sheer truth. It’s loaded with valuables and guns. The emergence of a thing comes easy when automatic LED light and LED touch keypad helps you getting automatically on/off displaying the whole appearance inside your safe arranged as you did once. So, it’s a helpful feature benefit you in using the safe and enjoying its better security.

Setting it in a permanent position is great when 4 bottom corners use heavily reinforced steel bolts including a plane steel sheet on which it sits. Four holes of 4 bottom corners get tightly wrenched when you finalize the right position for your safety and you will never get it shaking or sagging anyway if once fixed.

What we liked

  • 22 long gun capacity with fire protection of 1875 degree F and for 60 minutes
  • Automatic LED helps to view the safe inside
  • Composite heavy steel materials used for body construction
  • Interior shelves are well-fit in accordance with the gun capacity
  • The safe sitting design includes bolts, steel plates, etc.
  • Heat expanding door seal included

What we didn’t like

  • Heavy for heavy-duty and expensive

4. Steelwater Extreme Duty 39 Long Gun Safe 

steelwater extreme duty 2 hour fire rated hd593924 emp reviewsSteelwater safe is generally secured to all types of people who once have utilized a safe made highlighting by the manufacturer. It provides benefits that need a lot of weapons and assets and tight security. In contrast to the others, Steelwater rock-solid weapon safe brings some remarkable features including fire resistance for a long hour into its warmth extending seal development technology. This is a prevalence that you can take it when to encounter a need for safety for your weapons.

It’s a praiseworthy security guard that convinces you to purchase, works well against 1875 degree F temperature is unquestionably an ideal decision you can’t neglect it. It might be said to guarantee superior security for your weapons and resources. Furthermore, for time, it also devours warm for an hour in addition to protecting your 39 firearms in the safe.


The LED light to handle inside to accurately find firearms and valuable documents are very much organized and looking decent in dealing with as you wish. Since fortified steel material is used to keep strong your interior shelves, it’s no doubt anything falling on or dropping inside.

The safe is really good. It’s good to store your valuables and firearms. Amid a rise of a thing comes simply when programmed LED light encourages you getting consequently on/off showing the entire appearance inside your safe masterminded as you did once. Thus, it’s a useful element and benefits you on utilizing the safe and making the most of its better security.

Steel Type

Setting it on a stable situation is extraordinary when 4 base corners utilize overwhelming composite steel. A plane steel sheet on which it sits on is durable. Four bolts of 4 base corners get firmly twisted when you finish the safe in the correct position for a permanent solution.

What we liked

  • Relocking system for much security
  • The thick composite material used
  • 1875 degree F fire protection for 2 hours
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Heat-activated door seal technology applied
  • Hard shelve clips to hold shelves
  • Bolt down system to install on the ground
  • Pry and punch resistant to protect from burgling

What we didn’t like

  • Heavyweight and not portable

5. Steelwater Extreme Duty 45 Long Gun Safe

steelwater 45 gun safe reviewSpecially made Steelwater fireproof gun safe is an extreme guard when you think it better security for your valuables and the guns you deal for years. The composite style thick steel gives a rhino hide protection that is not easy to be melted at the 1875 degree F temperature. And, the sustainable duration to be burnt is another impossible stance when it takes a long time of 120 minutes, unimaginable to think about the manufacturer’s construction technology. Because of 9 gauge body and ¼ -inch solid steel plate.

To view inside the safe, not an external lantern to use that only is a waste of time when your urgent appointments knock at the nose. Automatic LED interior light gets automatically on/off during a smooth touch to open and then close the door of your self-assisted gun safe. It’s really an amusing thing that makes you lucky to have one with you.

Heat-activated door

Heat-activated door seal performs as another sentry expanding the door seal making the safe tolerant of extreme heat and helps smoke out in the event of untamed fire blazing around your safe. This is the way to ensure better security for your guns and valuables belonged to it. And you quite become a panic-free tourist anywhere you go.


It holds shelves inside in different formats that cope with the arrangement of your guns and others. U-channel plates and reinforced steel clips bear the weight of shelves leaving no room of breaking or sagging down one to another. The shelf fittings do well and keep your stored materials harmless anyway.

Sitting on a fixed place your safe means providing more security if loaded once with 45 full packages of guns. For a due settlement of your safe, 4 bottom corners take holes to be a bolt down with ¼ – inch steel plate keeping your safety on the water-flat position that never takes the sagging or jumping off the heavy dash by someone unconcerned to.

What we liked

  • Capacity is 75 long guns
  • Takes up to 1875 degree temp and for 2 hours
  • Relocking system with digital low-light keypad
  • Heavy construction material used to shield the body impact
  • The Automatic LED light helps to view inside
  • Well-arranged shelving system
  • Bolt down facility to fix it on the permanent position
  • Pry-resistance protects safe from burgling and punching

What we didn’t like

  • Heavyweight and costly for casual users

6. Steelwater AMSWEL-530 Home and Document Safe

steelwater home safesAnother best fireproof gun safe you can consider buying is the AMSWEL-530Home and Document Safe from Steelwater. The AMSWEL-530 safe stores your handguns and other valuable documents and items securely by providing up to 2 hours of fire protection. The double layer of steel construction of the chest assures the safety of your valuables against 1850 degrees F of fire as well as burglary. Moreover, this safety chest also incorporates two active rectangular steel locking bolts that add extra surface strength making it even harder to steal.


To give the safe a more modern touch, Steelwater added a battery-operated digital re-programmable digit combination locking system that features a non-volatile memory. You can use a 4-16 digit combination to secure the chest. The absence of the traditional key lock system may cause a little inconvenience for those used to it.

Furthermore, the spacious interior of this safe includes a removable drawer and an adjustable tray for added convenience. You can store smaller valuable items like jewelry, important keys to this drawer without the fear of losing them. And the adjustable tray ensures that you have maximum space in the chest to store more items without much effort.

What we liked

  • Ensures maximum of 2 hours protection against 1850 degrees Fahrenheit rated fire
  • Constructed with 2 layers of steel for maximum protection
  • Incorporates 2 steel locking bolts for smooth opening of the safe door
  • Easy to install instructions
  • Includes electronic digit combination lock system for more security
  • Comes with an adjustable shelf to fit in more items effortlessly

What we didn’t like

  • The locking mechanism feels cheap
  • There is no key entry aside from the combination lock
  • Requires 4 A4 batteries for the locking system to work

7. SnapSafe Super Titan Heavy Duty Home Safe

snapsafe titan xlSnapsafe double door safe is featuring better security for your guns. The medium-sized safe takes easy to assemble and you can place it everywhere in the room you want. Heavy-duty steel made stunts you keeping all the valuables safe in it. Assembles in minutes that do not require any extra tools while a wrench is included for an easy setup you can do yourself even to remove from one place to another you wish.


UL-listed digital lock and key backup mean an extra benefit that you get on buying the safe. The backup keys are EMP proof and not easily broken while an electromagnetic pulse passes through to testify the strength of the metal. The mechanical keys really do well in operation as hastily as you do with them.

A 9 gauge steel bodyguards your valuables and guns. The solid steel door is a kind of sled hammering in a view to filling the craters, and the process keeps the exterior of the safe harder than any other processes manufacturers do. It is also pry-resistant and difficult to break into by any other way the burglaries do.


The finishing inside can be mentioned as the powder-coated composite chemical mixed materials are used to have lined interior. The whole shelves are lined symmetrically as a full shelf is for a full gun rack and a half gun rack for two half shelves.

Around 36 guns can be housed fireproof and the other valuables or gun accessories go at a time if you are to maintain a big family or an office that requires security like this.

What we liked

  • Easy to assemble
  • Around 36 guns and valuables can be safely stored
  • Heavy steel made body structure
  • Inside finishing is rich
  • Fully fireproof and maintains optimum safety
  • Backup keys with digital locking system

What we didn’t like

  • Budget is a bit high though is ensured a good security

8. Honeywell Fireproof Safe

honeywell fireproof safeLooking for a safe that can protect your important belongings from the fire as well as water? Then look no more. The 1108 1 Hour Fire/Water File Chest from Honeywell is just the one you are searching for. This is one of the best fireproof safe available in the market. This safe was specially designed to protect your documents and other important belongings from water as well as fire.


The UL Class 350 guards the items in the safe from 1700ºF fire for at least 1 hour giving you enough time to move the chest to a safer place. The movement of this file chest is also relatively easy as it comes with a sturdy yet convenient wheel cart underneath.

Moreover, this 1108 Honeywell File Chest features a 24 hours waterproof seal around the lid that ensures the safety of your belongings inside the chest for up to 48 hours. For additional waterproofing, Honeywell included two side safety latches to the lid so that the chest can be submerged in 1m deep water and still the belongings would be safe.

Another great feature of this file chest is that it comes with a very large Silica gel bag. The Silica gel keeps away moisture from the chest and makes sure that the paper documents and other items remain free from any mold build-up.

What we liked

  • Modern, attractive design to fit into any interior
  • Ensures up to 1-hour protection from fire
  • Spacious interior to accommodate large-sized documents
  • Comes with dual compression safety latches to provide additional protection from water
  • Includes silent pneumatic hinges that prevent the lid from slamming shut
  • The safety chest also comes with wheels for easy movement
  • Available in different sizes

What we didn’t like

  • The chest is a bit heavy
  • The key is quite flimsy and breaks off easily

9. Winchester Big Daddy Safe

winchester big daddy safe reviewIt’s your perfect match as the Winster Big Daddy series gun safe comes with a beveled edge, U-shaped gun racks, and extra body that facilitate your user preference. The spacious storage is easy to let your guns in and fixed top shelves are for valuables and smaller guns that you can store easily.

A thermal accessory door panel with a single sized power outlet is also a stunning feature for Big Daddy. The stronger support of the ceiling is really worth it as it is composite with five layers of fireboard to get it heavy from the upper impact if happens. It also associates with a three-layered fireboard in the body construction and door systems.

Paulson heat expanded door seal receives up to 14000F temperature and helps smoke out and it all takes about 75 minutes that is quite a sufficient time value you take from Big Daddy of Winster gun safe for a standard cost in the market.


The solid steel strap hinges are some kinds of things that quite allow fireboard protection and for the door, easiness is just 1800 swing. I enjoyed it very much when a smooth shut and open happen without any noise during a hastily use before my run for work out.

12 gauge steel body construction so much heavy and not easy to prying-in and break into it as you will be panic sometimes about the security for your valuables and guns. 3- Way active locking systems allow super security and the secret is only to you being applied during using the keys.

The reinforced steel and pry-resistant door are serving well as if a physical guard is beside your safe, also a mental satisfaction for things you buy for money after searching a comparison price list whole the networks of the fireproof gun safe in the market. In one word, the reviews you see here I think to meet your demand in the meantime you need it for some time.

What we liked

  • Beveled edge for a good out looking
  • Spacious storage system takes a lot of valuables and long guns
  • 12 gauge heavy steel for body construction
  • Sustains 75 minutes and 1400 degree F temperature
  • The 3-way door locking system
  • 1800 door swing easy

What we didn’t like

  • Costly for single gun users

10. Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe

gun and document safe

Among AmazonBasics’s many fire safe boxes, the .83 Cubic Feet Fire Resistant Safe is considered one of the best fireproof gun safes because of obvious reasons. This safe was tested for fire resistance by Intertek with a compilation of UL 72 Standard for Safety Tests. It can protect your important and expensive items in the chest from 1200 degrees Fahrenheit of fire for up to 20 minutes. Furthermore, this .83 Cubic feet safe has a heavy-duty steel construction with four large 0.75-inch bolts that ensure long-lasting performance and dependable protection against disasters and theft.


Another extraordinary feature of this safe is that it comes with a dual lock mechanism; an electronic keypad and a conventional key lock system. The battery-operated electronic keypad is very much user-friendly and ensures easy and quick access to the safe without any extra hassle. And if by any chance you ever forget your lock combination, there is nothing much to worry about. The traditional key lock mechanism was included for such emergencies. This backup system will help you to unlock your safe effortlessly.

Furthermore, this AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe includes an inner self that can be adjusted according to your needs. This self-help to maximize storage space. As a result, you will be able to store here like an air rifle, air pistol, and gun holster.

What we liked

  • Sleek, stylish steel body construction
  • Includes dual locking system for maximum safety
  • Comes with 4 large steel bolts assuring superior security
  • Tested for 20 minutes of fire resistance at maximum 1200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Includes adjustable inner shelf to optimize maximum storage space
  • Backed by 1year limited warranty
  • Available in several different sizes

What we didn’t like

  • The manual is not easy to interpret and thus requires a lot of time to install
  • Many customers received defective electronic locks


Final Verdict

The best fireproof gun safes that I reviewed above are chosen based on their design, performance, price, and most importantly their ability to protect valuable belongings from fire. Even though all of these safe chests have their own distinctive features and characteristics, I would recommend the Safe because of its ability to protect safe from 1 hour to 2 hours from a dangerous fire. These safes are also reasonably priced. Apart from fire protection, the safes have durable construction and easy to use a combination lock. This safe will surely provide the best value for your money. Therefore, my advice would be, do not waste your time to research further and order your safe today. If you have any further queries, please leave some quotes, so that I can reach you soon.

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