10 Best Gun Cleaning Solvent: Oil-Grease-Lubricant

As a gun owner, I know that keeping my gun clean makes all the difference in desperate situations. You don’t have to rely on your luck if you clean your gun regularly and make a habit of it. If my gun doesn’t shoot at the target, I clean it, and cleaning solves the issue most of the time. You know that most of the gun cleaning kits don’t come with the solvent. So, today we’ll talk about the best gun-cleaning solvent.

Our chosen products will serve your purpose but knowing the proper way to use the solvent is also essential. Don’t worry because reading further will tell you what to do, how to do it, and what you’ll need.

What Should You Consider When Using The Best Gun Cleaning Solvent?

There’s no arguing about the importance of cleaning a gun. The only discussion here is how one should clean a firearm using a cleaning solvent and what one should keep in mind while doing it.

Did You Buy a Complete Gun Cleaning Kit?

Now, first of all, you’ve to buy a cleaning kit. Although you’ve listed the best gun-cleaning solvents, you’ll find a maintenance kit at the bottom of our list. But if it doesn’t fulfill your requirements, you should look for other ones.

You may order it from Amazon, or you can buy the best gun cleaners from your local gun store. Let’s walk you through the accessories you need for complete cleaning.

  • A cleaning rod,
  • A bore brush attachment,
  • A patch attachment,
  • A bottle of cleaning solvent,
  • A bottle of lubricant,
  • Cheap toothbrush for cleaning,
  • A bore snake for easy barrel cleaning,
  • Some Q-tips or generic swabs for lubrication,
  • A towel to cover the cleaning surface,
  • Some cloth rags, and
  • Some disposable gloves.

Pro Tip: Make a habit of cleaning your gun from time to time; not when you think it’s dirty.
Time to Strip Your Gun

We assume that you have the necessary training for disassembling and assembling your weapon. We can’t discuss how to field strip your gun in detail here, but you can always see some YouTube videos. Just search with your gun’s model, and you’ll see plenty of them.

Some General Guidelines

First of all, you should take a cloth rag to wipe down any carbon buildup, dust, or oil which are easily removable. For stubborn ones, apply the solvent and use the brush to scrub the surface. That should remove whatever’s left on the body.

Now, our bore snake will be in use for barrel cleaning. Apply the solvent to the bore brush and run through the barrel several times. After that, you need to run a new patch attached to the cleaning rod through the barrel. The patch needs to be changed until it comes out clean as new. Finally, apply some lubricant on the patch and run through the barrel again to complete the process.

Pro Tip: Read the owner manual first before disassembling. We know it’s boring, but it’s necessary for your safety and proper cleaning.
The procedure applies the same to each chamber of your gun. No matter how clearly I state the steps, it’ll seem confusing if you’re new. We recommend that you watch some videos or learn from local gun experts and clean your gun regularly for smooth operation.

Alternative Lubricants

You’ll see many YouTubers doing DIY projects or telling cheap ways to clean your firearms. However alternative lubricants or solvents may provide immediate results. But those won’t do good to your gun in the long run.
Some suggest using grease. But it’ll only cause more dust attraction and make your gun dysfunctional sometimes. Don’t rush while you do the cleaning. It might cause you to miss a rusty part, and before you know it, the rust will spread quickly into other parts. Rely only on the best gun-cleaning solvents.

Pro Tip: When you’re cleaning your gun, make sure the room you’re in is well-ventilated.
The last piece of advice is that don’t neglect the magazine. Without proper cleaning, the magazine will result in a stuck ammo problem. The whole gun may work fine. But if the ammo isn’t passed to the chamber, all your effort will be in vain.

You’d be amazed by the cleaning power of the solvents we’ve listed here. After every wash, your gun will be as good as new. Now, we think you might want to check the video below before you start reading the product reviews.

Here, the list is arranged based on our editor’s rating. Always follow the right way to clean guns and keep the factors mentioned above. Remember that safety comes first and keep scrolling to find more pro tips.

01. Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner

Ultra-effective, safe, and easy to use. These 3 words, you can find after buying Hopper’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner. This old and famous one in this product lineup is still a top-notch gun cleaner and can deliver satisfaction with its name. Hopper’s no. 9 gun bore cleaner


Product Type: Synthetic bore cleaner
Size: 32 oz. or 946 ml
Best for: Almost any kind of weapon


  • There’s nothing to explain its feature when this product already has a brand in its name. But for whom it may concern, and those who need to know details before buying, we have arranged a detailed feature list of this product. Just check on them:
  • We did not like the term “widely used” as a feature of this product as others did. But why it is the best bore cleaner for us? We are going to answer them all.
  • First of all, its efficiency and effectiveness. The ultra-effectiveness of Hoppe’s 9-bore cleaner is worth every of your penny and your satisfaction as well.
  • Then the smell. It may seem a little childish, but it amazes you with its scent while using it. It is a strong feature from us and many of our readers also.
  • Last but not least, the bore snake. Most of the cleaning kits do not have bore snakes. After every time you fire your gun, you should use a bore snake to clean it. Here we recommend using Hoppe’s bore cleaner as Hoppe’s is effective at removing copper and leading fouling in the barrel. This will give you a smooth and dry experience of shooting.
  • Besides, many factors make a gun cleaner worth it. Such as childproof caps, the behavior of Penetrates, safe and easy usage, etc. All of the features are included in this famous and widely used gun cleaner.

What we liked

Extremely efficient
The performance is so much more durable
Very safe and easy to use
Ultra-potent which is 100% mineral

What we didn’t like
We feel that the bottle tip is a little too flat and big for precise application

Some Experience Using it in real life

  • We have not only taken opinions from our review unit, but we also do public research and take their opinions as well. So what’s the point of doing that? It creates trust value and the real-life scenario of every product you see here.
  • Let’s get to the point. Most of the users say it is the old boss in the gun cleaning lineup. Some say they have been using it for 60 years and need not feel to try another one.
  • The second thing we have heard a lot about this gun cleaner is it is fast and easy to use. It sprayed fast and dried things out like a great degreaser.
  • It also does not leave residue and makes cleaning easier.


Does the cleaner contain petroleum?

The company informs it contains Kerosene, flammable and harmful or fatal if swallowed.

What is the type of bottle?

Plastic bottle.

Scented or unscented?

Nicely scented.

Does this leave any residue?

A little. But you will not feel it on the gun after a few minutes.

02. Hoppe’s M-Pro7 070-1453 4oz 7 Lpx Gun Oil

M-pro 7 hoppe's lpx gun oilThe product Hoppe’s M-Pro7 is one of the best gun cleaning solvents on our list which is a non-toxic, odor-free, and biodegradable synthetic oil. You can clean and condition almost any type of firearm with this oil.


Product Type: Synthetic Lubricating oil
Size: 4 oz. or 118 ml
Best for: Almost any kind of weapon
Warranty: 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Hoppe’s M-Pro7 Lpx Gun Oil works very efficiently, and it leaves a thin film over the layer. It might seem problematic, but corrosion can’t do damage because of it.
  • It works as a cleaner, as a lubricant, and as a protectant which is an excellent deal for this price.
  • It’s also one of the best gun lubes you will ever find. The long-lasting protective coating helps to prevent moisture, salt water, humidity, sand, and the usual wear and tear.

What we liked

  • Long-term protection
  • Works faster than other lubricants
  • Superiorin corrosion prevention

What we didn’t like

  • A bit pricey
  • The bottle is faulty

Some Experience Using it in real life

  • Some complained about its terrible smell, but some said it was fine. It varies from person to person.
  • Despite some small issues that are solvable, everyone loves this product and recommends saying it’s one of the best gun-cleaning solvents on the market.


Does it prevent rust?

If your gun hasn’t already got rust buildup, you can apply this oil, and it’ll keep your gun from rust.

Can you tell if this one can be effective on shotguns under freezing weather?

It’s super-efficient and effective under what circumstances. Many gun owners gave a positive review of it.

Is this product silicone-free? And do I need to squeeze?

It’s 100% silicone-free. The bottle allows you to squeeze, but you don’t need to do that. The oil automatically comes out when you hold it down.

03. Slip2000 EWL 4oz

SLIP 2000 EWL CLP Gun LubeIf you are looking for some lube that is military-grade, you’re looking at it right now. The EWL stands for Extreme Weapons Lube. The name they gave is a successful one because this gun lubricant can work from 100°F (below 0) to 1,250°F (above 0). Wait no more, let’s see the detailed review down below.


Product Type: Lubricating oil (Synthetic)
Size: 4 oz. or 118 ml
Best for Automatic weapons
Nozzle Type: Squeeze bottle


  • Slip2000 EWL is not an ordinary lubricant like others. It can serve your gun 5 times longer than traditional oils.
  • A lubricant’s primary job is to reduce wear and friction which is done perfectly. You’ll realize the difference from day one. Many oils attract dust, dirt, or sand but Slip2000 doesn’t have that sort of disadvantage.
  • You can use your gun in any environment lubricated with Slip2000 EWL.
  • It’s entirely safe for use on metal, plastic, or wooden parts of your gun. The feature of not allowing carbon, copper, lead, and plastic to stick efficiently reduces your cleanup time by 50%.
  • The chemical compounds used to make this lubricant are non-toxic and non-hazardous. You can use it without worrying about any health issues.

What we liked

  • Its ability to withstand extreme temperatures makes it usable for any weather
  • Don’t need to shake before use and it’s not thick
  • Great for use on automatic weapons
  • Effectively reduces cleaning and lubricating time by 50%
  • It’s non-toxic, and it doesn’t attract dust
  • The lubricant won’t burn off like other petroleum-based ones.

What we didn’t like

  • The plastic container is not up to the standard quality
  • The nozzle is not so good too which results in inaccurate targeting
Check Price on Amazon

Some Experience Using it in real-life

  • The customers view this one as a bit pricey but worth the money because of its fantastic performance. The material of the container is not good at all, and some complained about spilled oil. So, it is recommended to use a different container after you buy the lube.
  • Many happy customers stated that Slip2000 EWL is even better than the lubes from Hoppes or Gunslick. The lube became their favorite because of its performance, reliability, and non-toxicity features.
  • As you don’t need much of the lube to lubricate your gun, it is compensating. It amazingly stays where you want it to be and features less dust buildup. To a military person, this is the best gun-cleaning solvent money can buy.


How about the density of Slip2000 EWL?

This lubricant is like thin oil. If you have Slip2000 Gun Lube, you would know that Slip2000 EWL is thinner than Slip2000 Gun Lube.

I live in a colder region where it is 10°F below 0. Will this lube still work here?

Yes, this lube works perfectly in colder and warmer regions without any issues reported. You don’t even have to shake it before use.

Can I use it as a cleaner too?

The official website says you can. But our experts don’t recommend that. You should only use it for lubricating which it does perfectly.

Pro Tip: Make sure that there’s no bullet left in the gun before starting the cleaning procedures. Keep your ammunition away from the cleaning area.

04. F W Klever GmbH Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol Can Lubricant

Ballistol Multi-Purpose OilBallistol Lubricant Cleaner was initially developed to clean, lubricate, protect, and preserve firearms and guns. Even though it has a powerful odor, it’s eco-friendly and biodegradable and can be used to clean almost everything you want to clean.


Binding: Sports Goods
Product Type: Liquid Solvent
Size: 1.5 oz. And 6 oz.
Can Type: Aerosol
Best for Gunstocks, leather gear, and firearms


  • The Ballistol Lubricant Cleaner topped our list because of the fantastic performance it delivers to its users. It cleans firearms and different types of metals while forming a protective lubricant layer on the surface so that the gun performs smoothly without causing any accidents. Moreover, using this cleaning agent every day minimizes the need for brushing and scraping the gun’s interior very frequently. Other than weapons, this cleaning oil also cleans and offers protection to metals, wood, and plastic and smooths out leathers for more of your convenience.
  • The most fascinating and useful feature of this lubricant cleaner is that it is non-toxic and biodegradable which other gun cleaners in the market are surely not. It doesn’t cause any harm to the environment at any stage and proves to be safe for humans.
  • Unlike many other lubricants you might have used, the Ballistol emulsifies with water for long-lasting performance. When the excess water evaporates with time, the oil remains to protect the gun surface.

What we liked

  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Lubricates and protects every kind of firearms
  • Also can be used on other products as well
  • Protects wet surfaces
  • Slightly alkaline; protects the skin

What we didn’t like

  • Terrible smelling oil
  • The spray stops working often
  • Is not best for all metal types

Some Experience Using it in real-life

  • This is my first purchase of the Ballistol cleaner. I used it to clean my AR-10, and it was so much easier and fast to clean as well as lubricate my favorite gun. The small flakes of bass around the Bolt Assembly came right off. Moreover, you can see the carbon in the gun dissolves and drips off. I am delighted. I would certainly recommend this.
  • This cleaner is one of the best gun-cleaning solvents I have ever used. It works great on my guns; I clean my guns effortlessly without much scrubbing and poking. Most importantly, this cleaning oil is eco-friendly and therefore non-toxic.


Why this cleansing oil does smell so bad?

Even though it has a strong odor, there is no denying that it works on cleaning guns. According to my understanding, many other cleaning solvents also smell foul. So there is nothing wrong with this particular product.

How is it compared to Break-Free CLP?

They both are gun cleaners and work similarly. But I prefer the Ballistol a bit more because it is eco-friendly and has a more tolerable odor, in my opinion.

Can I use this on the choke tubes of my shotgun as well?

Yes. You can use it to clean and lubricate every part of your gun, and it won’t damage your gun parts; it’s completely safe.

05. Pro-Shot 1-ounce Zero Friction Needle Oiler

Zero Friction Needle OilerPro-shot Zero Friction Needle Oiler has been around in their family business since 1982. It is a synthetic amber-color oil that they sell in small bottles. These are notably thinner than other gun oils, prevent the machines from rust, and protect your guns.


Weight: 1 ounce
Color: Bright amber
Protects: All moving metal parts
Elements: Premium synthetic base, anti-wear anti-oxidants, rust preventive additives
Lubrication: Extreme heat and cold multifunctional
Usage: With the pinpoint applicator


  • All of us need some gear going about our day-to-day activities or for work such as knives, autos, bows, fishing gear, guns, hunting, and lakefront gear. These serve their purposes right provided that we prevent them from corrosion, and keep up the maintenance. This needle oiler goes a long way to keep our gears and guns safe from rust, and premature wear-outs. It is one of the handiest lubricating solutions for your investments in equipment.
  • The oiler is excellent for the conventional application method. You can add a single drop wherever exactly you need it, without any mess. It won’t make your hands dirty. It reaches all those unreachable areas where other lubricants can’t reach with its pinpoint applicator.
  • This is an anti-wear, anti-oxidant, rust preventive additive and premium synthetic base that provides full smooth with zero friction facilities. The oiler offers superior quality performance and protection of all metal bodies.
  • The oiler is a premium high- quality, ultra-advanced technological synthetic lubricant. An extreme amount of heat or pressure or cold temperature is not a challenge for this high-quality lubricant.

What we liked

  • Easy applicator & Zero waste
  • Best for folding jacks in machines and devices
  • Captures dust & Catches oil extracts
  • Useful for small quantity application
  • No spills even kept for a long time
  • Liquid-tight cap and it’s Lightweight

What we didn’t like

  • Somewhat gullible
  • Sometimes too small of a bottle
  • Sudden increases in price

Some Experience Using it in real-life

  • This customer was looking for a light oil lubricant exceptionally an easy-to-handle one. After buying this bottle, he was awed by how perfect it was for most applications. He was happy with the fact that it always dispensed a little amount every time, and doesn’t spill much if you accidentally knock it off.
  • This customer used the oil for restoring reel-to-reel machines. She says this is as good as the expensive products she used to buy and one of the best gun cleaning solvents. It doesn’t even leak even if you lay it down.
  • There can be oil clogged at the opening sometimes, but it is easily removable with the needle. The needle tip makes its dispense explicitly precise, and super comfortable.


What about the needle gauge?

The need gauge can be measured with an indicator or otherwise with wire cutters. But wire cutters have different settings for stripping wire. A close enough measurement available is that the needle fits in 20 to the 22-gauge hole as it is not available on the bottle.

Will it be useful on squeaky hinges or iron cast doors?

We use it primarily for lubricating firearms after cleaning, but I’m sure it will work out great on these too.

Can I use it on my polymer frame gun?

Yes, you can. It performs very well at low temperatures. It provides impressive friction properties too.

06. Grizzly Lube Non-Toxic CLP All-In-One Gun Cleaner

Grizzly Lube Non-Toxic CLP is one of the safest to use on all firearm surfaces. Lub CLP would be the best to use in warm environments for the fastest results.


  • The firearm owners designed the lubricator with the gun owners in mind as the most competitive gun-cleaning product around. Designers make it without the use of harmful chemicals. Grizzly Lube is unusual, and the non-toxic formula is integrated to fulfill the robust standards of Military Special Forces and is approved officially as a USDA Certified gun-care product, absolutely Bio-based. That’s why this is one of the best gun-cleaning solvents.

All-in-one Cleaner

  • The lube is proven more effective than other gun cleaning oils. The lube demonstrates it, creating a dry-lubed layer on the weapon surface, including barrels, bores, and hard-to-reach spots. As an all-in-one cleaner, lubricant, and protestant the Lube creates a barrier to resist copper & lead bores adhering to each other, reduces & discharges stoppages and even malfunctions. All of this while improving lubrication & resistance from wearing out.
  • Your guns and arms will function in the most critical desert environments & coldest arctic surroundings with the robust performance of this Lube. You shoot once, and you can clean your gun three times. You will see your firearms will be fully prepared to face any harsh impurities wherever you need to take your weapon and use it.
  • The Lube attacks the carbon impurities on contact and secures the elements of security. This lube is very rare in the industry, where a lube features a non-toxic formula that is safe to handle, safe to odors, and safe to use on all guns and gear surfaces. You won’t even need space during the time you clean with the Lube.

What we liked

  • Aggressive formula; Cleanliness approved
  • Guaranteed satisfaction; Reduces jam, and friction
  • Discards fouling, Smell is extravagant; Non-toxic CLP
  • Used and approved by the military; Easy application
  • Provides plug stopper in the bottle; Made with bio-based ingredients
  • Removes the hardest grease, carbon, and oil

What we didn’t like

  • Freezes a little when the weather is too cold
  • Some may not like the pasty composition

Some Experience Using it in real life

  • It was unexpected that the lube would hold up then cleanliness for so long, considering the amount of shooting we go through. But I would say I’m glad I bought this. I bought this to use on my sidearm and rifle. It works amazingly. If you have shot muzzleloaders before, the smell of bore butter should be known to you. This lube smells identical. It is great to work.
  • Surprising how fast it breaks down fouling in the blink of an eye. It is handy and a real time saver. You can shake a lot before use. This lube ensures the best use of the product.


Can I use it to hold knives?

I did not use it on knives yet. But, I don’t see why can’t you. I will undoubtedly do a great job.

How is the smell?

I would say it has more of a minty smell, and I love it.

Is it useful for felt cleaning pallets?

I did not try this. I guess you have it work and see it on your own.

07. Tetra Gun 004B1I Gun Grease

Tetra Gun GreaseTetra is one of the trusted names that provide the Best gun-cleaning solvent on the market. It arrives in a little tube with a tool. It is a fluoropolymer white gun that functions admirably in an extensive variety of temperatures.


Item Weight: 0.3 ounce
Color: White
Best for: All types of firearms
Elements: Fluoropolymer Synthetic Lubricant Protectant


  • Tetra firearm oil is the best gun cleaner that offers simplicity of utilization. The oil comes white in shading when it leaves the tube, however, once you apply it on the gun; it winds up the white shade and gives defensive, low erosion covering over the metal. This oil can be connected to any part of the weapon that rubs against different parts.
  • On the off chance that you use your weapon in a wide range of temperatures, you will be happy to know that the Tetra gun safety can endure any term of condition effortlessly without influencing performance.
  • Another significant part of this grease is non-sticky. Like its brands, it won’t pull the gunpowder after firing. Once you apply it & you will discover you won’t need to clear the firearms even after numerous rounds of shooting only because of this gun grease.
  • The little container of Tetra Gun cleaner can keep going for a long time as you only have to apply a small drop at one time. The surface is excellent, once connected the oil stays precisely where you put it, few ointments tend to run and stay in places you don’t need them to, but the Tetra Gun oil stays withstand!

What we liked

  • The product is heat resistant, colorless, and doesn’t run.
  • The gun grease has experienced quality testing which ensures durability and also guarantees incredible performance under any conditions or temperatures.
  • It stays out of your gun away from dirt.
  • The item comes with an elite formula that penetrates into little pores and supports it for a long time.

What we didn’t like

  • The strong smell blurs after some time.
  • The oil will isolate from the fluid if you let it lounge for a long time, so you may need to blend it up instantly while opening the tube.

Some Experience Using it in real life

  • This is the first time I have applied Tetra Gun grease on my semi-auto. I experienced that oil never withstands where I put it, somewhat following the draw of gravity. But this oil stays where I put it on & doesn’t run.
  • I applied it to my camera to filter the lens. I took a small amount rubbed it on my lens and then wiped it off after some minutes. The idea works great.
  • I applied Tetra for the more significant part of my weapon from triggers to jolts. At first, it comes in white but then spreads to a thin & clear film while being used. Never feel awkward with this item.


How does it work on machine guns?

This grease doesn’t dry up quickly. So I wouldn’t recommend using it on heavy weapons like machine guns. But you may apply over triggers & other small parts for cleaning. Moreover. It works as a useful on-air pistol or air rifle.

What is the main difference between Tetra & lithium grease?

Tetra is a type of Teflon lubricant that is far superior to lithium greases.

What is the color of this grease? Is it colorless?

It looks white when you explore it out from the tube. As soon as you start rubbing it over the metal, it becomes colorless.

Pro Tip: Clean the gun after each shooting and before any planned shot. Regular cleaning will keep you ready for any immediate use.

08. Crosman Pellgunoil Air Gun Lubricating Oil

Crosman Pellgunoil 241This is an extraordinarily thick and impeccably refined best gun cleaning solvent. It is a multi-applicable ointment that can be utilized on guns, reels & pneumatic pump guns. This gun safe and lube will keep going for an extended period and won’t solidify, gum, or lapse.


Weight: 0.32 ounces
Brand: Crosman
Size: a ¼ ounce
Best for: Pump Guns, CO2-powered guns


  • It arrives in a ¼ ounce of lube which makes it simple to deal with and utilize. Its accurate implementation can be used in places that are hard to reach. The oil will stay gooey even in a chilly climate and won’t gum.
  • The oil does not vanish even under extreme heat. This is a perfect weapon lube for individuals who want to utilize their guns out in the open air from a wide range. This gun cleaner will anticipate corrosion and rust in the metal parts of your firearm guaranteeing that the firearm works flawlessly and effortlessly.
  • Crosman Pellgun oil is made of high-quality synthetic silicone oil with a high breaking point. It is widely recommended to apply on pneumatic or CO2-powered rifles. Once applied the oil diminishes friction and goes off the mobile parts of your firearm. It is an excellent gun grease and has enduring longevity.
  • If you are one who plans to utilize a gun cleaner ointment for multi-purpose activities, for example, cleaning, securing the gun, and additionally a firearm oil then Crosman Pellgunoil Air Gun Lubricating Oil is a decent all-rounder.

What we liked

  • It performs well under extraordinary natural conditions & temperatures.
  • It is portrayed by a smooth activity on all the metal parts at whatever point applied.
  • This cleans dirt over the metal parts that are uncovered and shields them from rusting.
  • It’s specially designed for CO2 or pneumatic-powered guns.
  • It arrives with an advanced corrosion protection property.

What we didn’t like

Doesn’t recommended for pellet guns
There is no additional applicator

Some Experience Using it in real life

  • I purchased this Crosman Lubricating gun grease for my CO2 revolver. I utilize a small amount; it helps to keep an incredible seal and keep my pellet firearm enduring a considerable measure longer. I wish I could have! I exceedingly prescribe purchasing this item; it’s cheap & durable.
  • It’s a multi-usage gun grease that functions admirably with my powered air pistol. I suggest this oil since it can be utilized for various things. I applied a few drops on the CO2 chambers to guarantee a reliable seal and avert the leak. Reasonable price is simple to use and keeps going for quite a while.


How many days this do tube last?

It depends on your usage. In my case, the last one lasts for at least one month.

What is the distinction between this oil and straightforward “firearm oil”?

The pellet firearm ointment is silicone-based gun grease designed to adjust with the elastic seals of a pellet weapon. And firearm oil is designed to remove the acids of the black powder likewise consistent firearm oil can be somewhat overwhelming for a pellet weapon.

09. Break-Free 1009237 CLP-5 Cleaner Lubricant Preservative

Break Free CLP Cleaner LubricantThe Break-Free CLP-5 Cleaner was initially developed for fully automatic cannons used by the U.S. military and was the very first cleaning solution to meet the “impossible specification” initiated by the US military for their weapons.


Binding: Sports Goods
Product Type: Liquid solutions
Size: 1-Pint or 474ml
Best for All types of firearms
Nozzle Type: Off, Spray, and Stream


  • The CLP-5 Cleaner Lubricant is on our list because of its fantastic performance. It has a very long-lasting lubricating film that dramatically reduces the adhesion of the substance responsible for creating any wear and tear. Furthermore, this cleaner liquid penetrates and spreads all along the firearm to undermine any unwanted contamination and erase every type of residue from your favorite gun.
  • This multipurpose cleaning solvent is extraordinarily safe and suitable for all types of gunmetal finishes available in the market. From titanium to blued steel, as well as polymer composite firearms, you can use the CLP-5 to clean everything. Moreover, the Non-solvent formula of this cleaner minimizes any drain when the firearm is in the holster.
  • This CLP-5 Cleaner Lubricant has proven to have a very high weather tolerance and worked extremely well in all conditions. This might be one of the reasons for its growing popularity and customer satisfaction.

What we liked

  • The specially formulated solvent won’t lose viscosity
  • Safe and suitable for all gunmetal finishes
  • Can perform well even in high temperature
  • This long-lasting lubricant reduces adhesion and wear and tear

What we didn’t like

  • The pump doesn’t work properly more often than not
  • The liquid doesn’t spray out properly; it spills

Some Experience Using it in real-life

  • I have been using this product for the most prolonged period, and there is no gun cleaner as good as this one. I own 3 different types of firearms, and this cleaning solvent works wonders on all of them.
  • This Break Free cleaner is the Best gun cleaning solvent I have ever used. As I own a firearm for myself, I have tried a variety of different cleaners throughout the years, but none served me as well as the solvent.
  • This works great for cleaning and lubricating guns. I soaked by gun overnight in this solution and wiped it well. After that shot 50 rounds without any problems. I hadn’t faced any nozzle problems yet.
  • Some Frequently Asked Questions & Answered


Does this gun cleaner harm wood or plastic?

No, not really. Many people used it on firearms with plastic grips, and there have been no complaints from them till now. But I wouldn’t recommend using this solvent on wood.

Can I use this cleaning solvent on 357, point, and 12 gauge? Would it be wise?

This gun cleaning solvent is a proven cleaning agent for all firearms. This works exceptionally well on every gun you have got.

Is the sprayer adjustable to a stream or a mist?

The bottle comes with three spray settings, OFF, SPRAY, and STREAM. However, I personally would recommend you have a squeeze-style bottle to drip small amounts in specific areas.

10. Hoppe’s Air Pistol and Air Rifle Maintenance Kit

Hoppe's Air Pistol and Air Rifle Maintenance KitThe Hoppe’s Air Pistol and Air Rifle maintenance kit is an excellent bundle of necessary accessories to keep your airgun fit. It is one of the most widely used removers of rust, powder, lead, and metal fouling from all your air guns, air pistols, and Air Rifles.


Product Type: Lubricating oil
Size: 2 1/4 oz. or 67ml
Best for Air pistols, air rifles, BB, and pellet guns
Nozzle Type: Squeeze bottle
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty


This Air Pistol and Air Rifle Maintenance Kit from Hoppe’s has everything you need to correctly clean and maintain all your air pistols and air rifles. From lubricating oil to a 3-piece steel rod with a looped handle, brass knob end, .17 caliber brush, and cleaning patches, this kit includes all to keep your gun well-performed and well-maintained.

Hoppe’s kit has one of the best gun-cleaning solvents available in the market. It is widely used by gun owners to remove the powder, metal fouling lead, and rust and keep the arms as flexible and fresh as possible.

• As this maintenance kit has a couple of accessories, it might sometimes get confusing for first-time users to use it properly. For such reasons, Hoppe’s included a “Guide to Gun Care” with this kit to make your air gun cleaning experience safer and more enjoyable.

What we liked

  • Simple and easy-to-use instructions
  • Works exceptionally well with all air rifles and air pistols
  • Includes a booklet for easy understanding
  • The very affordable price tag

What we didn’t like

  • The quality of the accessory kit is not up to the mark
  • The rod sections are dead soft
  • Doesn’t work for a springer

Some Experience Using it in real life

  • This is my first purchase of this kit. And I started to like this kit. It works well with both my 10m Match rifle and the Lothar Walther barreled Daystate. There is nothing complicated about this product as it’s so simple and easy to use.
  • In my opinion, this maintenance kit is a must-have product for air rifles or air pistol owners. It’s very essential to clean and care for your firearms regularly to keep them functioning correctly. As it claims, this kit comes with every little thing you need to clean and maintain all your air rifles, air pistols, BB & pellet guns.


Does this kit work for 22LR?

This product was specially made for air pistols and air rifles. This might work with 22LR, but I wouldn’t suggest that. It’s better that you buy a cleaner made for 22LR.

Is the oil in this kit a non-detergent oil? Do I want to use it on a 747?

No, it’s not. The oil in this kit is not recommended to use to lubricate a 747. Although it can be used to clean the barrel there is a high possibility that this oil could damage the seals.

Does this work for airsoft?

You should ask the manufacturer of this gun to find out if Hoppe’s kit works on their product or not.

Final Verdict

Even our brains get rusty if the foods for thought are not provided regularly. Like that, any machine including our guns requires cleaning for smooth operating capability. Won’t it be a shame if you buy a gun that you admire and doesn’t shoot accurately at the time of your need?

To avoid that scenario, you should clean your gun regularly with the best gun cleaners. Buy one of the best gun-cleaning solvents from our list and don’t let rust take over your fate.

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