5 Best Pistol Case Reviews and Buying Guide 2024

Owing a gun can give you major safety but it adds big responsibility as well. Keeping your firearm safe and secured is the topmost priority. It prevents misuse, makes your gun safe from dust, and ensures safety. With a good pistol case, you can have good portability and also can meet the guidelines according to your state laws on gun safety.

So, if you are a gun owner, you may have been probably searching for the best pistol case and this article will be your problem solver.

Things to Remember Before Buying a Pistol Case

  •  It must be compatible with your gun
  • Decide which type of gun safe you need, Soft-sided, or Hard-sided case?
  • Check whether the pistol case is waterproof or not.
  • Decide which size you need
  • Airline approved or not

The 5 Best Pistol Case Reviews

1. Pelican 1170 Pistol Case

  • Pelican is watertight and dustproof.
  • An O-ring seal has been presented.
  • The handle is oversized and it can be folded.
  • It is crushproof so you do not have to be extra careful while carrying it.
  • Easy to open with a double-through latch.

Product Description

Pelican 1170 CaseThe Pelican 1170 case with foam is a pistol safe that will protect the device you are carrying from shock and hold it in place. This case is watertight and dustproof so you will not have to worry much about its cleaning. It is also crushproof and strong but still lightweight. If you are a rough user then it will be perfect for you. The Pelican case has a three-piece interior design. It has one base layer, an intricate foam lid, and a Pick N Pluck foam layer to hold everything in place. This is easy to open and use with a double-through latch.

This gun safe is also a travel-friendly case. Especially for those who travel via plane. It has great durability and a double-lock gun safety system with an O-ring seal. Also, it has an automatic pressure equalization valve. You can carry it easily as it does not add any extra weight. You can custom-fit anything you want to carry. Everything in it is made with a very high-quality product. It is also understandable with the look of it. Besides, it looks great from the outside too.

What we liked

The case is portable and travels
Easy to use and carry
It has an automatic pressure equalization valve
It is strong yet lightweight

What we didn’t like
The foam inside may have cut loose sometimes. And the products may be unorganized for that
This is a bit small pistol safe for some users


2. Case Club Waterproof 4 Pistol Case

  • This pistol safe can hold 12 pistols with 12 extra manganese.
  • The foam inside of it is made with military-grade polyethylene.
  • The foam is washable.
  • The case is airline-approved.
  • It is watertight and dustproof.
  • It gives you a lifetime warranty.

Product Description

Case Club Waterproof Pistol CaseIf you want a multiple pistol case this case is one of the best in the market. Moreover, for carrying multiple guns the option is very few. This is one of the best pistol cases and the case has room for four pistols at once with 12 extra manganese in it. Durability is great in this case. The foam of this case is military-grade so if you want to travel with it or have to transport guns undamaged it will provide the facility for you.

The case is designed intelligently. Though it can carry four guns the case is not so big. Rather it is quite travel-friendly and easily portable. It will give the highest protection to your weapons. The case is both waterproof and dustproof. The foam of the case is also washable so you can wash it whenever you want. The security of the case is excellent. It has pre-drilled padlock holes for security. The case looks standard as well.

What we liked

This multiple pistol case can hold 4pistols
It also contains 12 extra magazine slot
Water and dustproof
It will give you a lifetime warranty

What we didn’t like

This case is not suitable for a revolver
The foam inside of this case is very tight-fitting


3. Plano 108031 AW XL Pistol Case

  • This gun safe has a dual stage for those who want to store more guns in one place.
  • Security is good with the spring-loaded lockable leaches.
  • It gives you maximum water protection.
  • Suitable for airline travel.
  • It comes with a press-release valve.

Product Description

108031 AW XL Pistol AccessoriesIf you want to carry a good number of the pistol at the same time in rough conditions around you this can be the best pistol case for you. This pistol safe has a large space to fit all of your guns in one place. It will come in handy with larger-size guns. The double-layer foam will allow you to carry the guns safely around anywhere. It also has a layer of egg crate foam. You will find this case safe and suitable for air travel as well.

The security system is good with high-strength pinned hinges and spring-loaded lockable latches. It gives you the gun guard AW series, which is the ultimate shield for guns. Also, it has padlock tabs for added security and airline travel.  The price is another plus point for this case. According to all the features included, the price is reasonable.

What we liked

It will be used in extreme conditions
It is strong and hardly breakable
You can shape pluckable foam as per your needs
The foam is high in density
Suitable for large-frame handguns

What we didn’t like

The O-ring is partially out of the truck
Pluckable two layers of foam are super thick
It may appear large for some of you

4. Plano 1071800 Tactical Series Pistol Case

  • Plano pistol case is protective and stylish at the same time.
  • Made with a heavy-duty material.
  • The case is durable with padlock tabs and snap-down latches.
  • The customizable foam is high in density.
  • The value for the price is good for this quality pistol case.
  • You will get quite a good space in it.

Product Description

Plano Tactical Series Pistol CaseIf you want the best pistol case with a large room and high protection but also at a reasonable price this case will be perfect for you. It gives you a high-quality case at a cheap price. Though it is a plastic case, nevertheless it is a heavy-duty case that will keep your firearms protected. Its durability is really good, and it can handle almost any situation. Suitable for air travel. It looks stylish on the outside and sturdy on the inside. The foam is customizable and high quality keeping everything in place. Not to talk about its security system of it. It has real hinges with a metal rod and durable snap-down latches.

What we liked

The case is made of heavy-duty material
It gives your firearm good
Reasonable price
Excellent security system
Looks stylish and stunning sturdy

What we didn’t like

The lock system gets problematic sometimes
You may find a problem closing it often
If you use extra force to open the latches they might pop off sometime


5. Handgun Case Elephant Elite EL008 Pistol Case

  • Its durability is top-class.
  • You can use it for a variety of applications.
  • The case is waterproof and dustproof.
  • Which makes the element in it secure, protected, and undamaged.
  • Strong yet lightweight.
  • High impact and temperature resistance.
  • UV and corrosion-resistant.

Product Description

If you are intended to carry small-size firearms and also need them well protected then you can try this one. However, it is smaller but it is strong and durable. This pistol safe is great for traveling. It will just fit in a corner of your luggage. The case is waterproof and dustproof so that your guns remain protected. It has an automatic pressure relief valve. With all of these included this case is super lightweight. It does not have any handle. For some people, it may be a problem, but it has been space-consuming for this reason. The case looks smart and sleek and is one of the best pistol cases you can find on the market now.

What we liked

A little but strong case
Good for smaller size handgun
Great for traveling
Safe for airline travels
Take a really small space in your luggage
Protect your guns nicely

What we didn’t like

Do not have a handle
The lock hole is a bit smaller
The latches on it may get weak sometime



Traveling with a gun means a challenge as there are different local and state laws in different states of the US. Moreover, while traveling by car or plane, you have to carry your gun in a safety box. The safety of a firearm is a big responsibility and only some best pistol cases can give protection to the gun as well as the people. Above, we have made the list depending on the personal experience and give our honest opinion to help you find out the best-suited one for you. We make sure that your money will be worth it if you buy from our suggestion.