How to Make a Gun Safe? Easy Way to Success

A gun safe is a basic requirement when you have to drop your gun in a secure place after finishing your daily work. If you have no ready safe, you definitely are in a confusion with your loaded gun that may risk one of your family members or near or dear one. This will be a shocking experience that is stained on your mind to repent for your misdoing of not using a gun safe. So, to solve the problem with gun safety, you can buy a brand one or make it home if everything is prepared for a safe. There are two types of gun safes you may have. One is wooden made and the other is a thick plane sheet. This article will help you with how to make a gun safe in some complete steps to be done.

How to Make a Gun Safe Easy Ways

Utility Tools

Gun making toolsThe following tools and other materials are very much required to have an ideal type of gun safe you are going to make at home.

  • Measuring tape
  • One-inch thick plywood for safe
  • Sanding paper
  • Cutting saw
  • Marking pencil
  • Electric screwdriver
  • Electric drill machine
  • Galvanized steel screws
  • Drill bits
  • Wood glue
  • Steel hinges
  • ¼ thick plexiglass
  • Padlock
  • Latch
  • Glass retainer clips
  • Wood stain and
  • knobs

The above requirements are ready; we can go to the final step to start making a safe home. If not anything is available, just collect it within a short time to have a better feel during the operation with the tools required for a homemade gun safe.

Work-1 Measuring And Cutting

I know you already have thick quality wood slices/plywood before a start to complete our expedition of making a gun safe. For, the plywood version put it on the floor flat and take a measurement that you want to like according to room space. Six feet tall, four feet wide, and two feet deep a standard size that suits anywhere in a room. Your plywood is left down on the floor. Measure it in marking with a pencil to cut it later. You should measure the plywood with the backside and front side, wing sides, bottom side, and at last top side. This means the measure indicates the height, width, bottom, and top parts of your gun safe preparation. The more accurate dimension, the nicer you’re safe.

Work 2 Assemble The Safe Frame

Cut well to set well is a theory of the optimal size of your gun safe. Now to assemble the various parts of gun safe pieces. Your skeleton frame is standing before you and, take the pieces one after one to set according to the site map. The back sheet is a large one, so, take it first and screw it on the backside of the frame. Then do the same with the other parts that are left to join together. When all are finished, look at a gun-safe shape, it’s your own made. Now, for inside work.

Work-3 Gun Selves

The different sizes of guns you need to store inside your homemade gun safe. So, thinking about the measurement of all of your gun sizes cut some plywood that will make gun holders each. This is for your gun rests. Every rest will hold a single gun to confirm more security without scratching on the body of the gun when handling it during using them. Just set the pieces of plywood so that it looks nice a manufacturer made. At last glue them to be fixed well. The glue will not loosen the parts you have set for themselves. Otherwise, necessarily, you can attach some screws to strengthen the plywood with each other.

Work-4 Setting The Door

At the edge of the door, the top and sides will hold the hinges. So, use plexiglass and a glass retainer to attach the hinges to the door. Measure your hinges and cut the plywood the size you get with the hinges. Put flat the door on the frame and screw for both the top and bottom to carry the door’s weight when the door will be swinging to close or open the door of the safe. Remember, it needs a well-tightened screw to get it heavy on the frame. If you have already padlocked the door, then everything is done, if not so, you put the padlock on the door to have a locking system gun safety. We are almost at the end of learning how to make a gun safe. And expect it will be one of the best gun safes hand-made.            

Work-5 Final Addition

Now the final touch with whatever you like additionally. You can attach a door holder as assistance to open and close the door. Otherwise, attach any design that will indicate that it is a real gun safe as a caution to others. The additional design actually enhances the outlook of a gun safe. At last, you can paint with your chosen color and finally wash it with a semi-wet soft towel to look shiny.

Concluding Statement

Whether you buy or make it home a handgun safe, it does not matter so much. But you must have it at any cost, this is the matter here. Because an unsafe gun may cost your life that will not make it the loss of a lot of money. So, the easy way you know how to make a gun safe. Before an ultimate start for gun safety, read this article that will detail clearly about making a gun-safe home. Because every requirement that demands a safe is precisely discussed in this article. However, it will be easy to make safety for enhanced sec security for your gun at home. So, just with ready requirements and following the guidelines given here help to make a perfect gun safe at home.

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